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There's a long-standing tradition at San Diego Comic-Con of waiting in line outside the notorious Hall H in order to get in and see early footage of fandom's most hyped movies. This year, however, fans waiting to see what 20th Century Fox has to offer — particularly genre-friendly movies like Wolverine 3 and Assassin's Creed — will be out of luck.

It's been revealed that the studio will be skipping the traditional Hall H presentation, citing piracy as a problem that it can no longer ignore. The Wrap reported that since the studio can't control the leak of trailers — as evidenced last year when Deadpool footage meant exclusively for the fans in attendance was leaked online in no time — they are simply removing themselves from the process.

That said, Fox will still have a presence at the show, perhaps with some X-Men: Apocalypse swag and in its partnership with DreamWorks Animation for the movie Trolls.

It's certainly a disappointing move, considering there is a way to control it: Releasing the footage officially at the same time it's screened in Hall H. Many productions release on-set photos early nowadays as a direct result of ubiquitous camera phones. Getting good images or video out in public before the fan-shot ones is critical in the 21st century, even if it means showing some stuff earlier than originally planned.

While releasing footage meant exclusively for Hall H might be seen as devaluing the Comic-Con experience, fans are just that: fans. Being in Hall H is more about the thrill of being there to experience it in person than it is the footage itself. If there's a property we love involved, we're going to wait in line regardless.

(Source: The Wrap)


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