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Let's agree that this season had some stellar moments and definitely some room for improvement in their next season. I'm super-happy that they were renewed and there are a limitless possibilities (well, any character the DCEU doesn't want) to further enhance the surprisingly awesome -- CW's DC Universe!

As of now, Sara Lance has been the standout cast member and she's deservedly earned another spot on next year's all-new cast (IMO). I loved how she swiped the doobie from the young Martin Stein's office! Sadly, I'm not the biggest fan of Vandal Savages' performance this season and it doesn't really matter -- I watch the show because I enjoy the team-dynamics and Mick is way funnier since he got back from being Chronos.

So, let's discuss what'd be legendary to see next season on DC's Legends of Tomorrow!


The CW has a very modest budget to put it nicely. There's not enough money to have multiple Flashes running around for more than a couple of episodes! I love The Flash and would love see Wally running around on Legends. Last episode, finally showed us how he and Jesse Quick became speedsters. I think this is a logical next step to include CW's most popular show in this budding young show! He should be slower than The Flash, but it'd be awesome to see him have a more prominent role.


As of now: Supergirl is struggling to find a network after CBS is hesitant to resign the superbly awesome Kara Danvers. Surprisingly, I fell in love with this show and I especially believe it found its groove at the end of season. If CBS and CW cannot come to a deal, then I think LOT would be an awesome place to see Clark's cousin. I'm not sure how she would handle the demotion, but hopefully she'll be on board!


The CW have been embracing the magical side of the DC universe ever since Arrow debuted the Lazarus Pits in Season 2. She's absolutely amazing and I'd be hyped if she ever got a chance to shine on a larger stage. I'm not sure on the state of Justice League: Dark, but it'd be smart on DC's part to start introducing these characters on DC on TV. I'm still not sure on the status of the season regulars compared to next year's roster. If they want to switch-it-up, then these are some of the best characters!


Sadly, it looks like the DCEU will not utilized our favorite Martian in their blossoming universe. If CBS does not pick up another season and it proves too expensive for The CW, then I think we should see these characters on LOT. Manhunter and Miss Martian are too amazing not have in some form in DC Entertainment. Can you imagine the surprised look on our faces when Miss Martian turns out to be a White Martian? This is ripe for a live-adaptation and I hope we see some love! It all depends on CBS and I do hope Supergirl gets renewed for another season.


I'm not sure who'll return next season and maybe they just bring along last season's cast. I'd love to see Rip, Sara, Ray, and Kendra return next season -- well, I'd like to see everyone. But it's a smart-move to introduce new characters on the show and expand their universe. The only person you can safely say to come back -- is Rip Hunter. It's too great of an idea to travel back in time trying to stop a supervillain.

Depending on how this season ends (Will Rip save his family?), we should get some sort of indication of who'd return next season. Firestorm, Captain Cold, and Heatwave could always be regular fixtures of The Flash. They could always lend a hand and help out the team next season as well!


Gog from Kingdom Come
Gog from Kingdom Come

I kinda see the similarities to DC's Kingdome Come on this last season, but I think this would be an awesome basis for next season. The Waverider will try to stop the impending Superhero War by traveling back into time and fixing future problems. This would be awesome to see and all you'd have to do is change some of the key players that are not allowed to appear on CW because they're in the DCEU. I cannot fathom seeing Tom Weilling's Superman appear and I'd think it'll give us all nerdgasms!


We know that we're getting another season and I'm happy in the direction the show is currently going. I don't know DCEU's plans, but DC has a plethora of superheroes and we should start seeing them on The CW. These are all suggestions and I'd love to hear what you think down in the comments section! Thank you for reading and enjoy the the last episdoes of Legends of Tomorrow!



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