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Another spin-off. A show for the over-flowing characters of the Arrow/The Flash franchise. Another attempt to capitalise on the success of an already successful franchise. That's exactly what I thought [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) would be. Having been a fan of the successful Arrow and The Flash series', I wasn't overly excited for the premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, but was rather more interested in Supergirl. In fact, I put off watching Legends of Tomorrow several times. However, having finally watched every episode so far, I can fully admit: I was completely and utterly wrong. Legend's of Tomorrow became a quick binge-watch for myself, and I have often opted to watch an episode of Legends at the expense of some of my favourite shows. So, from a person who initially had little interest in this show, allow me to enlighten you as to why you should be watching DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

The Connection to the Arrow-verse

I have to start with this as it's ultimately the reason I decided to watch Legends of Tomorrow. The series focuses on several of the supporting characters from both The Flash and Arrow. Arguably the best in the show, the brilliant Caity Lotz is back as Sara Lance and is kicking ass more than ever. The loveably nerdy Martin Stein who we know from his regular appearances on The Flash is also present. Among others, we also have The Flash regulars and Prison Break alumni Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell playing Captain Cold and Heatwave. Despite focusing on it's own original story, it's nice to see some beloved faces and watch a new chapter of their lives unfold. It is also delightful to start a new series and already be acquainted with the characters.

A New Story

Despite being a spin-off, Legends is very much a new story: time master Rip Hunter (who had been previously mentioned on The Flash) assembles a unique team to hunt immortal tyrant Vandal Savage, who takes over the world in 2146. They attempt to visit Savage at multiple times throughout his life to stop him from rising to power. While following Savage through multiple time periods, the crew are also being hunted by the time masters for potentially endangering the timeline. This is perhaps what I found most refreshing about the series - it's not just another superhero show with another origin story (which the creators could have opted to do), it's a very different, highly entertaining thrill ride of a series that focuses on an unknown story. The delightful aspect is that it's not based on a comic, so we as viewers have no way to know what will happen.

Character Dynamics

One of my favourite things about Legends is that the combination of characters that the creators have chosen couldn't be more different. The dynamic between heroes such as Sara and Ray combined with villains such as Leonard Snart and Mick Rory is awesome. The journey that the characters go on throughout the series is remarkable, particularly Snart, who evolves from average jewel thief to full-time hero. Rory too, who perhaps struggles a little more with the loss of his villainous escapades. Another interesting dynamic is the relationships that are formed along the way - characters that would perhaps never tolerate each other become friends. Ray and Kendra also bond, and it's interesting to see these two onscreen together considering they originated in two different shows.

Different Time Periods

Legends manages to maintain a fresh feeling as the crew never remain in one time-period for too long. The crew jump from timeline to timeline from episode to episode, and with that jump we see the different social norms from the selected time period. Episodes set during the late 1950's highlight the racial discrimination and sexist behaviour of the time, whereas episodes set in the future focus on the rise of technology. The settings are magnificent and are often refreshing.

It's Refreshing

One word that I would often use to describe this show is refreshing. As I mentioned earlier, the creators could've easily gone down the superhero origin route again with another hero, but instead opted to do something different. Containing elements of Firefly, Doctor Who and V while maintaining the Arrow-verse tone, Legends is highly original, often hilarious, heroic entertainment that's not to be missed!

Edge of Seat Viewing

Watching Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl, you get used to the villain of the week format. However, I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised to realise that Legends follows more of a season arc. While the crew do time-travel to different locations from episode to episode, the aim remains the same: find Vandal Savage and stop him from becoming a world dominating tyrant - It's a season long story. As the crew are also being hunted, I often find myself on the edge of my seat, anticipating what will happen next and longing for the next episode.

If you're a fan of Arrow and The Flash I definitely urge you to give Legends a shot! If you're not, then by all means watch Legends (although there are spoilers from the two other shows). I have no idea how Berlanti and his crew manage to helm four shows while maintaining such a high standard on all of them - I would argue that Legends is the best of the DC shows at the moment. I couldn't have been more wrong about this show, and with rumours of a new line up for the second season, I am excited to see what the future holds for this legendary show!

Are you watching DC's Legends of Tomorrow? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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