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Oh yeah sorry I forgot to say this earlier... Sherlock Holmes 3 has been practically confirmed! Now don't get too excited just yet (get really excited), not much is known about the film yet. I managed to look around and I gathered up the most recent info about the new installment though. Get ready to be excited!

New writer

The picture above shows one of the new writers of the project; James Coyne. Guy Ritchie is still confirmed to direct which means that Coyne might be around just to recheck the story, and touch it up a little bit. Not much has been done by Coyne but fans are excited to see what he can do with such an exciting story.


The two beloved actors; Jude Law, and Robert Downey Jr, are both rumored to play Sherlock and Watson once again on the big screen. Fans can't wait to see the on screen chemistry that makes these movies so well acted.

The Story

Nothing is known about the story yet. We do know that the creators of the film are trying to improve on the original in every way possible. That might be hard to do fellas. They are going to try and keep the film a mystery as long as they can so that the reveal will even be more exciting.

Extra content


Robert Downey Jr. has been commenting on the making of this film for a very long time. It seems as if he is excited and can't keep his mouth shut about it because he keeps dropping hints. He tagged this above photo to his twitter stating "Master of disguise". This tipped many people off that this just might be an on sight picture of the new installment of the Sherlock Holmes franchise.

There have been many on screen versions of the famous Sherlock Holmes story but none has brought in the big bucks like Guy Ritchie's version of it.

Do you think 'Sherlock Holmes 3' is going to happen? Excited?

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