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I like to believe that every character death has a purpose, especially when it's a superhero. When they killed off Laurel Lance, The Black Canary on CW's Arrow, I like others thought this was some terrible, temporary ploy to boost ratings. "They're going to bring her back, right?" I mean, Sara on DC Legends of Tomorrow can pull off the "go back in time and fix it" deal to bring her sister back. Nyssa can find a way to restore the Lazarus Pit, or Ollie can reach out to his pal Constantine and ask for some help. They are logical ways to bring Laurel back to life and CW honcho Marc Guggenheim alluded to the possibility when discussing Katie Cassidy's reaction with TVLINE.

TVLINE | How did Katie take the news? Did the fact that a death had been teased in the season-opening flash-forward soften the blow at all?

I would say probably not. Look, it’s a hard conversation for both parties to have, for the showrunner and the actor. And we’ve had a few of them. I will say that Katie, from that conversation to when she show wrapped, has been a class act all the way. She’s been so professional and so gracious. And what’s kind of nice is the fact that [Arrow, The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow] have introduced different elements [that allow for improbable returns], so fundamentally no one is ever gone for good. In fact, right after we show wrapped Katie on Arrow, she signed on to be in [CW Seed’]s Vixen Season 2, she signed on to be in an episode of Flash. I said to her that between the three shows we have time travel, resurrection, parallel universes and flashbacks — dead does not mean goodbye. I meant it when I said it, and lo and behold within the space of a month there are two more instances where she’s working for us. Again, I’ve got to give Katie a lot of credit. There are a lot of actors who would have been petulant. They would have had a colorful response.

Yet, after watching Canary Cry yesterday, it really seems that they may have killed off The Black Canary (Katie Cassidy) permanently in the current timeline. In his eulogy, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) even outed Laurel's identity to the world in an attempt to protect her legacy after a faux Black Canary gave Ruve Darhk the opportunity to ruin it. The speech and the moments after really brought home the point that Laurel was dead for good in the here and now.

So, because Laurel Lance/The Black Canary is such a big part of The Green Arrow's life, one now has to wonder. Why was she killed off? I'd like to believe that this death may have a huge impact for the cinematic universe.

Kill Canary off Arrow to bring her to JLA?

I thought about it and yes it can be a sound theory, and a reason that makes sense for killing off such an important character. Look, The Black Canary in Arrow was not as relevant as the REAL Black Canary should be. I thought they were on the right track with Sara, but then the character was reset when Laurel took over. Yes, she slowly became a hero in her own right, but CW's Black Canary was nowhere near canon. I'd like to believe The Black Canary version on the CW was killed off television in order for the character to take her rightful place in the cinematic universe.

Oh, let me correct that, The Black Canary was killed off twice now on television. Get my point?

It has been done before.

Hey, they already killed off some major characters on Arrow and brought them to the big screen. Let's start with Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), a character who's been a presence on the show since season 1. She was shot dead this year, and last year, Floyd "Deadshot" Lawton (Michael Rowe), who was a major player in John Diggle's storyline, sacrificed himself to save Dig and Lyla.

We all know who Viola Davis and Will Smith will be playing this August when SUICIDE SQUAD hits the theaters, right? So does this mean the same for The Black Canary? Odds are about 50/50 right about now.


Did they kill The Black Canary off CW to bring her to the big screen?


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