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DC's Legends of Tomorrow finally gave the fans what they were waiting for ever since last month when The CW Network released a promo or "A Look Ahead" rather for the upcoming episodes. The promo that gave us a first look at Jonah Hex and Talia al Ghul, also gave us a tease at Ray turning into a giant-sized ATOM, at the very end.

The ATOM first made his debut on Arrow in Season 3 before moving on to Legends of Tomorrow. While we did get to see the ATOM fight crimes it wasn't until the first trailer for Legends of Tomorrow dropped last year, that we got a tease of Ray Palmer a.k.a. the ATOM shrink, at the very end of that trailer as well. Fans have got to see The ATOM shrink on a number of occassions on Legends of Tomorrow and even on Arrow after that.

The fans have been eagerly waiting to see Ray grow in size instead of shriking for once. But the earlier opponents faced by Team Legends didn't require him into become a giant-sized badass. In last night's episode titled "Leviathan", and rightly so, an opponent did come along, a giant robot, Leviathan.

And while none of the other team members were a match for it, Ray stood up (or should I say grew up?) to take down Leviathan on his own giving us one of the coolest fight scenes of the season.

Let us know what you thought about the giant-sized ATOM and who you would like Giant ATOM face-off against. I know I would love to see Giant ATOM going at it against King Shark and Gorilla Grodd.

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