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It seems like Arrow has made the impossible possible again. With the death of the Black Canary, the episode 'Canary Cry' focuses on some heartbreaking recaps of Oliver Queen's past with Laurel Lance, as well as even more heartbreaking instances of father Quentin Lance trying desperate means to get his daughter back from the dead. We also find the aftershock of John Diggle's reaction to his brother Andy's betrayal, and we see a new Black Canary going about town?

Losing A Daughter

The episode opens up with Quentin Lance in the hospital with our heroes where he refuses to believe his daughter is dead. Upon confirming her dead body in the hospital bed with his own eyes, Lance breaks down and mourns the loss of his only present daughter, with Sara missing ever since she joined the Rip Arter's hunt for Vandal Savage in Legends of Tomorrow.

The Self-Blame

Diggle and Oliver share a blame game themselves for what happened, but John is particularly affected with what transpired given how he trusted his brother Andy even after repeated warnings from Oliver on how he suspected Andy to work with Dahrk. He drowns himself in his sorrows while Oliver is too weak to really help his cause emotionally. We also see Felicity blaming herself for Laurel's loss, as she believes if she had been around she might have been able to help enough to save Laurel.

A New Canary?

Well hello? Someone has been roaming the streets beating up Dahrk's men under the guise of the Black Canary. Who is this mystery woman? Could it be that Laurel's alive? At least Quentin thought so, before confirming that she really was dead in the morgue. This new Canary also seems to have obtained Laurel's sonic device, which gave her the ability to screech at enemies at really high frequency. It was stolen from her belongings when she was brought to the hospital. Seems like our new friend also has turned up the frequency of the device and hack into it, as the only person who could use it was Laurel as noted by Felicity.

A Flashback into the Past

We see a regular flashbacks throughout this episode not of Lian Yu, but of Oliver and Laurel together after Tommy Merlin died and some precious moments they shared. These flashbacks consist of Laurel lamenting over Tommy's death and how Oliver was pained at being unable to tell her of his dual identity and his failure to save him.

An Ambush For An Old Friend

We come to a scene of Thea and Alex Davis, now a political operative for Damien Dahrk's wife Ruve Dahrk, on a date in a classy-looking place in Star City. They share a moment where Thea asks him how he became a political operative. Just as he was about to answer that, our new Canary attacks him and Thea with her sonic device and says in exactly Oliver-like fashion that Alex has "Failed this city". Just as the rogue Canary was beating Alex to a pulp, Thea intervenes and overpowers her. She manages to unmask the vigilante but gets knocked out by the sonic device she uses to screech at her. The Canary gets away but Thea regains consciousness to check up on Alex and inform Oliver.

A Victim of H.I.V.E

Oliver manages to corner her, only for her powerful screech to affect Oliver and knock him out. This was an anomaly, given how it was not supposed to work on Laurel's friends. Our friend pretty much hacked the device to and modded it to her will. She claims that Oliver has failed this city as well, because he left her at H.I.V.E.'s factory where she was held prisoner. This was a little trip down memory lane from last episode. We find out a name from records. They were the Sharp family, and the girl's name was Evelyn Crawford Sharp. Her parents died of hypoxia, possibly from Damien Dahrk gassing them in a chamber. How her parents were acquainted with Dahrk is still a mystery. The girl was captured by H.I.V.E. and drugged, which made her susceptible to suggestions after kidnapping them. Oliver claims this is how the girl learnt the phrase "You have failed this city" through Dahrk's suggestion.

Quentin's Cry For Help

Neesa pays a visit to Quentin's home where he frantically searches for Laurel's most precious belongings and gives to Neesa in order to use for the Lazarus Pit. Neesa apologetically informs him that the Lazarus Pit is destroyed and there is nothing she can do about it. Quentin still does not give up hope and thinks he will find another way of bringing Laurel back.

Diggle Loses It

Having mourned for the loss of Laurel and blamed himself for it, Diggle makes it a point of taking matters into his own hand. How does he achieve it? He goes after the now new mayor Ruve Dahrk, ambushing her car and coming inches to shooting her before Oliver made the rescue and warned Diggle of the consequences of shooting Dahrk's wife, who was the mayor, and not directly a part of killing Laurel as well. He also reiterates to Diggle that whatever they are, they cannot become like Dahrk and his men and be killers. As the mayor, she could spell trouble for the vigilantes of Star City.

Letting her go proved exactly that, as she issued a warrant for "these so-called vigilantes", beginning with Alex's attacker, the Black Canary. We see a smear campaign going on in order to taint Laurel's good work as the Canary by Dahrk's wife here, by making her look bad for someone else's actions. Oliver and his friends decide its time to get hold of this impostor Canary once and for all and put a stop of the smear campaign.

The Climax

Evelyn Sharp ambushed Ruve Dahrk who was waiting for her in her Women's Advocacy Association Gala and Silent Auction at the Star City Plaza Hotel. Felicity warned Oliver, who proceeded to confront her. He talks about the real Black Canary's legacy and what it would do to tarnish it given what Evelyn was about to do. He eventually convinces her to drop her gun pointing at Ruve, and everyone held hostage runs away. Evelyn manages to flee the scene and Oliver does his disappearing act too, before the police have the chance to do anything.

The Funeral

We see both Quentin and Dinah Lance (good to see her after so long by the way) make their way to their daughter's funeral. We see a shot and two of Evelyn looking on from a distance. We see everyone of Laurel's close ones. We see the coffin, and we witness Oliver making an impassioned speech. However, he lets it become public knowledge that Laurel was the Black Canary. It would lead to a look of utter disbelief on her mother's face and uncontrollable tears from Quentin Lance. The look of utter shock and blank disbelief on Dinah Lance was a real highlight of the show. Now that Laurel's vigilante identity became public known, along with the words 'The Black Canary' embedded into her tombstone, Oliver hopes to clear her name for good and the good she did for the city, fighting crime by night. We see a shot of Barry Allen come by and apologize to Oliver for missing the funeral, and after Oliver asks to be left alone, he leaves. Oliver gets into the car with Felicity, and she asks him if he knows what has to be done after this. He confirms and vows for the kill, even though he admits he does not know how to fight the magic that Dahrk possesses to defeat foes. Felicity gives him an inspiring talk, and Oliver nods. We see the end of an amazingly intense and emotional farewell to Laurel's funeral and the episode. The last episodes are going to be gathering pace from now on.


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