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Spidey has had some of the craziest moments in comic book and animation history. Aside from getting superpowers after getting bitten by a radioactive spider, he's been a monkey:

And a pig:

And he's had really painful colonoscopies:

He's had some strange villains as well:

But what about the strangeness that Spidey has had to go through personally? Being a mutant spider/man is bad enough, but all the other crazy side effects and changes he's had to go through over the years are pretty insane!

Six Arms

Right in the middle of a fight with Morbius, Spidey starts sprouting four more arms — all because he drank a potion that was supposed to get rid of his spider powers.

What naturally comes right after getting four more arms?

Man Spider!

In the comic, Spider-Man drinks another potion that returns him back to normal. In the cartoon version of the story however, he continues transforming into a man spider!

Here's a clip from that epic saga:

Man Spider 2

After getting kissed by the Queen, a villainess in The Spectacular Spider-Man #15 comic, he turns into a giant spider with the ability to shoot webbing from his wrists, much like Spider-Tobey.


In The Amazing Spider-Man #437, Spidey gets sprayed in the face with Plantman's mutagenic flower. He convinces Plantman to get him the antidote after throwing the villain into his own mutagenic goo, turning him into a tree. Plantman wanted the antidote, but it looks as if Spider-Man just went off and left him as weeping willow! (Or whatever tree it was).


After coming in contact with a device that cures Curt Connors of his lizard-ness, Peter later turns into the Spider-Lizard. Because, apparently spiders by themselves aren't bad enough.


In 2010, there was a two-issue comic that featured all of our heroes “hulkified” into Hulkpool, Spider-Hulk, No-Thing, Hulking Torch, Hulklops, Wolverage, Hulk Machine, and Thorr, among others.

Did I miss any transformations? Let me know in the comments!


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