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The Z fighters (Krillen, Chiatzuo, Tien, Yamcha and Master Rohsi) have been irrelevant in Dragon Ball for quite a long time. With its further continuation with Dragon Ball Super many fans are expecting to see them in action once again.


So till now we have already seen 40 episodes of Dragon Ball Super and we are yet to see any mention able improvement or any indication of the return of the Z fighters in action.

The title of episode 44 however slightly hints toward a possibility...

...which I’ll highlight later. To be honest after seeing Resurrection F I really thought ‘Super’ might start utilizing the Z fighters again.

Z Fighters in Resurrection F:

They gave a decent amount of screen time and action to Krillen, Master Roshi and Tien in the Ressurection F. Master Roshi got a huge power boost and it’s kind of unexplained since Roshi was considered to be useless even against Raditz. So could that mean he was training all this time? I wouldn’t be surprised because of the type of guy Roshi its only natural that he kept training. Anyways Tien also looked badass and in the series Krillen got quite a good amount of attention fighting against the Frieza army. All these raised my hopes higher and I was genuinely expecting them to get a power boost or become relevant once again. I still do believe that they will be assigned to do something important though it seems unlikely to happen.

All These characters that have been there since the very beginning of Dragon Ball they have a different type of value to me. Though they had some roles in Android-Cell saga they became completely irrelevant by the time Dragon Ball Z reached it final chapter. And almost everyone might disagree with me on this one. But, I personally feel characters like Tien and Krillen deserves similar amount of actions or roles Goten and Trunks get. Tien has been there since the very beginning training continuously. And now 2 new characters appear and they absolutely overshadow characters like Tien and Krillen. I just personally didn’t like it. If you ask me Tien is way more fun to watch than Goten/Trunks. Tien has a better personality, physique and fighting style. And at the end of the day it all comes down to what is more enjoyable. And I would say seeing Tien and Krillen on action more often would be more enjoyable and refreshing.


Tien got to defeat kid Goku in the world martial arts tournament. And I liked how he had some refreshing sets of moves like growing extra arms, turning into 4 and experimenting with his ki attacks. His transformation of personality was also interesting. How he went to become the guy who is ready to sacrifice his life to save the earth from being a selfish cunt. Actually Tien was the first legit rival Goku had and though with passage of time the distance between their powers kept growing Tien not for once stopped training.

Who is Tien really? What is he?

Basically this 3 eyed guy a.k.a triclopse who dedicated his whole fuckin life training to become stronger. Unlike Yamcha and Krillen he never gives up his pursue of becoming a better fighter. Literally his only purpose of life is like becoming a great fighter with almost no social connections.

There’s no holding back in giving him more action. It’s always a delight to see him fight. The final match of the martial’s arts tournament between Tien and Goku. Watch it! And if you still think Tien isn’t entertaining enough after that then probably your opinion doesn’t deserve any respect at all.

One of my most favorite Dragon Ball Z moments was when Tien held back semi-perfect Cell using his life form! It was so satisfying to watch and the fans were all behind it. This is a solid proof that all the fans want to see more moments like that. So in cases of Tien just give him some brutal moments he rightfully deserves. He doesn’t have to be the strongest or we don’t even need to see a huge development of power. Just give him some moments the fans can go crazy about.


About Krillen he is like the one who literally started training with Goku got the same training Goku got as a kid! Yes, Goku was always the brighter one but Krillen also used to catch up. This amount of difference power wasn’t expected. Actually super made me think they are going re-do Krillen. Like when Krillen shaved his hair I was like hell yeah! That’s his fighting form, he is coming back then against Frieza army he gets his confidence back. And afterwards we see Krillen asks Goku to punch him to taste the power difference. So I thought this would motivate Krillen to at-least try to catch up. Well, it’s not necessary to make Krillen very powerful. He can be used the same way he was being used in the beginning of Z like in Saiyan saga he was in the battle the entire time he landed some blows on both Nappa and Vegeta. He was there at the final scene. Then in Planet Namek he was just there all the time, he even distracted Frieza for quite a lot of time! I mean give him this type of roles to play instead of just making him a part of the audience. Krillen has his own unique set of moves and it feels really great to see the ultimate underdog end up doing something astonishing with his technical superiority.

Master Roshi And Yamcha:

Master Roshi/ Jackie Chun vs Kid Goku
Master Roshi/ Jackie Chun vs Kid Goku

And what can I say about Master Roshi. I am a huge fanboy of him and I even made a theory like Master Roshi will eventually be Goku’s last opponent and he is hiding his power and all even though even I don’t think that’s legit. Master Roshi probably has the best martial arts knowledge, fighting sense and style. But I don’t see him getting a role again and almost same case with Yamcha. He could have been portrayed as a cooler character but I guess that’s not gonna happen considering the stuff that has already been established about him. He is like the synonym of defeat.. Dragon Ball in a way kind of betrayed Yamcha after establishing him as a character they started a rivalry between him and Tien. At that stage it looked like Yamcha takes one and will give one back. But later he was defeated again by Tien and his leg was also broken and he never got to take any revenge or got any moment. Anyway I would like to point out that Yamcha is not nearly as weak as some people thinks he is. On My YouTube channel I made a video analyzing how strong Yacmha really is. ( How strong is Yamcha at his prime? - Click 2 Watch )

The point is there are many valid reasons to make them relevant. Now if they do. How do you think it should be done?

I mean they got stronger by training or some sort of transformation. I mean we got the super saiyans, super nameks could they possibly be introducing a Superhuman form or a mystic form or even God ki concept?

The Episode 44 title is - ‘Secret of the unleashed superhuman water ‘

Well, I don’t have the ability to process and predict what they exactly mean by this. But I am guessing it could possibly have something to do with the Z fighters. After the end of Champa arc it looks like these episodes are going to be refreshing ones and will be building up for the future arc. So, if Dragon Ball Super do in-fact have some plans for them I think this is the perfect time to get them started. I sure hope they will make it creative like maybe unlocking the full potential of each character. Like say unlocking full potential of Tien’s third eye. And a few new moves added to their move set would be awesome.

Super Humman or Super Human God Dragon Ball Super
Super Humman or Super Human God Dragon Ball Super

Anyways what do you think? Will they get a power boost or should they get it?

Do you have any theories your predictions?

Then share your opinion with me down bellow in the comment box.




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