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Everyone knows that once the fairy tale story ends and the credits role, the prince and princesses from our favorite tales live happily ever after. Do you ever wonder, however, what they look like after their adventures? What their family may look like? Artist Linnéa Asberg on Facebook had her own ideas. While many artists have imagined what the Disney characters look like, she figured that the other cartoons needed a little love as well and included Warner Brothers and Don Bluth characters in the mix.

So what did happen after all their dreams came true?

Hercules and Meg

Meg never seemed the type to be tied down, but as she infamously said in the movie "People do crazy things when they're in love." She and Herc settled down and had a son named Ophitus.

Milo and Kida

The artist mentioned in notes that the hair is darker because of a filter she used, but on the whole the artwork is beautiful and it is very clear who these characters are meant to be. Milo and Kida ended up having a little girl named Theia. The name is from a goddess of light, glitter and glory.

Tarzan and Jane

It turns out that Jane and Tarzan had a little baby boy named Hector! He is named for the prince in The Legend of Troy, which was a story that Jane read to Tarzan and he loved.

The Beast and Belle

It's nice to see that Beast has continued to not have that little anger issue. They seem to be ready to make wishes for their next grand adventure with their son, Felix, whose name means the lucky one. Considering how much his parents had to go through to be together, the name is rather fitting.

Dimitri and Anya

While she will always have her grandmother, Anya knew that her happiness lied with the man she loved. Now they have extended the family line with a beautiful little girl named Alexandra Maria, named after her mother and sister.

Travis and Charlotte

"When a woman says later, she really means not ever." I guess Charlotte changed her mind and decided to settle down with the goofy paramour from the party! They have a little girl named Viola.

The Prince and Snow White

This picture looks so lovely, it could be a Christmas card! With such a good heart, it is no wonder that Snow White and her husband named their daughter Ada, which means kind.

Flynn and Rapunzel

Rapunzel and Flynn appear to have found a new dream, welcoming a beautiful baby girl named Clara to the world. Clara means bright, or clear, which fits their journey perfectly. Though it may seem strange that she has blonde hair, the artist wanted to convey that there was still some magic left between Rapunzel and Flynn. She looks just as cute as her mother.

Shang and Mulan

It is interesting to see Mulan pregnant, but she does have quite the glow about her doesn't she? She and Shang are here with their son, Chen, which means morning. It is fitting and poetic that she chose to place them in such a lovely early morning setting.

John Smith and Pocahontas

Yes, she does end up marrying John Rolfe in the end, but there was a certain chemistry in the first Pocahontas film, and so this is just would could have been if John Smith had been able to stay. They had a beautiful little boy who they named Chowilawu, which means joined by the river. And it is kind of funny to see John in Native American garb.

Cornelius and Thumbelina

Looks like Thumbelina and her fairy prince had their own tiny child, and he has an adorable little smile just like his mother. This little guys name is Trevor, which means big or large. A little ironic given the size of his family.

Prince Philip and Aurora

I love the nice touch of making Aurora's dress purple here, considering the debate throughout much of the movie on what color it should be. Here she is with her wonderful Prince Philip and their twins Dawn and Jour.

Garret and Kayley

These two Knights of the Round Table have definitely been busy. While I am sure that they had many adventures, it's nice to know that they finally settled down and had a lovely little girl named Eloise, which fittingly means warrior.

Jack and Sally

While it isn't something that you want to think about too hard, it is kind of sweet that these two would have a family. Here they are pictured with their daughter, Algol, who is named for a star known as "the demon star". She doesn't look like she is too much trouble, however, and it is nice to know that they still share their special place on the mountain.

Derek and Odette

Considering how much she looks like her mother, let's hope that Derek doesn't consider his daughter an ugly duckling. Here he is with Odette and his daughter Sera, named after the fiery angels the Seraphim.

Naveen and Tiana

If I had been turned into a frog I would steer clear of the waters, but Tiana and Naveen have no trouble splashing around in the pond with their little girl Stella. She is adorable, a spitting image of her mother at that age and looks as though she is ready for an adventure.

Peter and Wendy

What would have happened if Peter had decided to stay in London with Wendy? Most likely they would have ended up married and had a little boy named Charlie! He is the spitting image of his dad, and they all look like they are ready to fly off into the next big adventure. Now all they need is a little pixie dust.

Eric and Ariel

We all know about the lovely Melody, but what if they had another child? It looks like Ariel and her daughter have been visiting Triton and have just come back to spend time with Eric and her son, Pontus. He is named for an ancient pre-Olympian sea god.

Phoebus and Esmerelda

Choosing to ignore the Hunchback sequel, here are Phoebus and Esmerelda with their boy, Alain, which means little rock. I love how big and green his eyes are, like his moms, but that messy golden hair will break many a young gypsy girl's heart.

Roger and Anita

Their house is full of puppies, but don't forget that Anita and Roger had a puppy of their very own. Here they are with their son Henry, whose name means home. Fitting since most of the movie is about the dogs finding their way back home. This family is too sweet, though I am sure that house would get a little crowded after awhile, especially as the puppies grow.

Robert and Giselle

One of the hardest things in my opinion to do is to capture real life people. I love that this couple from Enchanted was included in the group, as it is my favorite Disney movie. I think she did a great job capturing Giselle's fun personality as she plays with Morgan as Robert looks on in his protective manner that he has with both of them. It looks like they also have a new addition to the family, with a son named Leopold contrived from "leo" which means "lion".

Aladdin and Jasmine

Aladdin and Jasmine look completely happy going on another magic carpet ride with their daughter, Isra. Her name means "nocturnal journey", which is fitting given that their love grew during a night time flight.

Prince Charming and Cinderella

Cinderella and her Prince no longer have to worry about curfews, only keeping their son from trouble. While we still don't know his name, their son fared better and was given the name of Jacob, after one of the Grimm brothers. They are the ones who came up with some of the more famous versions of fairy tales that we know of, including Cinderella.

Taran and Eilonwy

It is nice to see the movie The Black Cauldron get a little attention. This is a lovely shot of the two characters grown up with a little girl. Her name is Angharad, after Eilonwy's mother. The name translated means "much loved one" and you can see that love for her in both of their eyes.

Kristoff and Anna

Kristoff and Anna are adorable in that they took their time getting to know each other and fall in love, unlike her experience with Hans. It is easy to imagine them settling down together eventually and having a family. Here they have a daughter named Anne Marie after Hans Christian Anderson's mother, and a son named Christian after the author. He is the one who wrote "The Snow Queen" which Frozen is loosely based off of.

John Rolfe and Pocahontas

Disney ended up going slightly correct into their history when they brought in John Rolfe in Pocahontas 2: Journey to a New World. Wherein Pocahontas meets John Rolfe and ends up with him and leaving for England. In real life, they did have a son named Thomas, and here are the two characters with that child.

Queen Elsa and King Vilhelm

Another photo that looks perfect for a Christmas card, this image depicts Elsa with one of Hans' many brothers, Vilhelm and their son, Kai. The name is taken from the original tale of "The Snow Queen".

In the artists mind, after hearing about how badly his brother acted Vilhelm traveled to Arendelle to make peace between the two kingdoms. As he and Elsa get to know each other, they fall in love and have a family. Honestly, I think it is an adorable idea.

The artist is an incredible talent, with a definite knack for coming up with baby names, Her imagination and vivid imagery are really great to look at, and there is plenty more where this came from.

To check out more of Linnéa's artwork, make sure to check out her social media!



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