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Alright, I'm sure someone's already covered this topic when the picture was first leaked, but still I find it interresting in light of some recent events on GoT.

As we all know, before he was killed, Ned was the hand of the king and the warden of the north. He was good friends with king Robert Baratheon which is why was chosen to be hand.

Now, last fall (I believe) photos surfaced on the internet of Jon Snow actor (Kit Harrington) not only in Belfast, where the show was being shot, with his friend and co-star Ben Crompton but he was also seen on set of the show. And if you look closely, the clothes he was wearing on set has a remarkable simularity to Ned Stark's clothes in season 1. What could this mean?

Since Jon Snow has actually died and most pf the night's watch saw him die, he is now free of his duties. He no longer has to serve the night's watch and be protector of the wall.

Maybe he'll meet up with his sister Sansa who he hasn't seen in years. She'll have Brienne of Tarth with her and maybe Theon and Podrick. Together they could rally the north against the Boltons and try to take back Winterfell from Ramsay Bolton. This could make for an epic battle scene with Jon leading the north, finally becoming like his father and becoming a Stark. (And I'd like to see both Sansa and Theon have a go at Ramsay).

There are of course other ways this could play out, but I think that this might be likely now that Sansa has finally met up with Brienne of Tarth. But since he is now free, he can go warn King's Landing of the threat from the north before it's too late. There are hundred of options for Jon so we'll have to wait and see how things turn out.


What do you think will happen to Jon Snow?


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