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Iron Man went from being a quirky character, to a pop culture icon - so fast. The Iron Man Trilogy is regarded as good in many fans, but some would argue about 'Iron Man 3' and to some extend 'Iron Man 2'.

Recently, Robert Downey Jr. was asked if he would do another Iron Man movie, and he answered positively and that he could do another film! Now, I don't know what that means exactly. It could simply be an actor's positive attitude towards the film, or could Marvel even thinking about making Iron Man 4? I am not sure, but just thinking about what the movie can show or do is nontheless exciting for Iron Man fans.

Here are some things I think Iron Man 4 could do better than the other films.

#1. Make A New And Better Iron Man

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Iron Man needs to be reborn in the fourth movie, make a new suit, change, or anything. Take the Invincible suit, from the comics. It's a really cool look into the potential of a fourth Iron Man movie, since it has a new, technological advanced suit, and a new Tony Stark, fighting for justice.

After the events of Civil War, Tony needs a smile.

#2. Use The Real 'Mandarin'

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Yeah, The Mandarin Twist in Iron Man 3 didn't go well with fans, and for good reason. Ben Kingsley would have been perfect for the actual Mandarin, but noo, they HAD to waste the opportunity.

Yeah, this time atleast use the real Mandarin, cause he's one of Iron Man's greatest foes, and as a kid growing up the 90's cartoon, the Mandarin is a good villain, and nostalgic. Just have this good villain be properly adapted.

For pete's sake.

#3. Don't Set Up Other MCU Movies!

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Iron Man 2 was chockful of setting up other movie, to the point of annoyance. Cap's shield, Thor's hammer, and others.

Keep the focus on your story, not the others. I mean, if it's a small easter egg, then fine. But referencing all the Avengers? Yeah...look at your movie, so will the others, okay?

#4. Make It The Sequel To The Original We All Wanted

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2008's Iron Man is revolutionary, and an amazing film. So, why did it's sequels go so wrong? Well, the MCU got wider, and wider. Now, don't set up, don't ruin the history, make an Iron Man sequel, the original always deserved.

Hell, bring back Jon Favreau!


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