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No matter how polarizing Zack Snyder's [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)might have been, the highlight for many fans was Ben Affleck's initially controversial casting as DC superhero Batman.

Drawing heavily from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel, Batfleck more than delivered as the brooding Caped Crusader, both in and out of the cowl. And it's looking pretty likely that we'll see him taking to the screen again after Justice League Part One in his own Batman solo outing, with Affleck, in true Bruce Wayne style, directing as well as starring in the movie.

Ben Affleck is our DCEU Bruce Wayne/Batman.
Ben Affleck is our DCEU Bruce Wayne/Batman.

The Big Jason Todd Question

Now you might remember a pretty prevalent fan theory which made the rounds prior to Batman v Superman's release: the infamous "Jason Todd is Joker" theory. Despite the fact that it was shot down by Snyder himself after the release of the movie, the theory gained a lot of attention.

Jason Todd is, of course, the Robin who was infamously beaten nearly to death by the Joker with a crowbar before suffering fatal injury in an explosion that killed both Jason and his birth mother Sheila Haywood. His mother was working with the Joker and initially betrayed Jason before attempting to save him later, so I guess that's what you get Sheila.

Jason Todd attempts to save the life of his mother.
Jason Todd attempts to save the life of his mother.

After being killed off in 1988's A Death in the Family arc, Jason was resurrected nearly 20 years later as the antihero Red Hood — turning against his former mentor Batman as he took to the streets to wipe out criminals on his path to seeking revenge upon Joker.

That Robin Suit

When we first saw the image of the Robin suit covered in Joker graffiti displayed in the Batcave as a tragic reminder in the Batman v Superman trailers, it seemed pretty likely that the suit did indeed belong to Jason Todd, as he's the only Robin from the comic books to meet his end directly at the hands of Joker. But it was never confirmed, nor was the death of Robin directly addressed in Batman v Superman.

Now a new post courtesy of the Warner Bros.-managed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Instagram account seems to be teasing the identity of Robin. And — surprise, surprise — it's pretty likely that it was indeed Jason Todd.

This tribute image was posted on Instagram two days ago — April 27. And comic book aficionados might realize that this isn't just some arbitrary date. It is in fact the 31st anniversary of the death of Jason Todd (going by the DC Comics Universe canon).

As per the death certificate seen in Batman Annual No. 25 (The Return of Jason Todd), the date in the DC Comics on which Jason died was April 27, 1985.

Jason Todd's death certificate [Batman Annual No. 25]
Jason Todd's death certificate [Batman Annual No. 25]

So, is this just a tribute to the lost DC comics Robin, or is Warner Bros. confirming what we thought all along — that the Robin lost at the hands of Joker during the era of a younger Batfleck was in fact Jason Todd?

What do you think?

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