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Dialing 666 — the omens look good for this one.

Fans of classic horror — I'm talking real horror, the genre birthed in the '70s — will either rejoice or despair at this news. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news yesterday that the 1976 British horror flick The Omen will be getting a prequel.

I know what you're thinking: The rule of diminishing returns always strikes with a vengeance when classic horror gets the prequel/sequel/reboot treatment.

That said, the talent involved with this project is pretty promising, so at the very least it'll probably be better than that DOA remake of Carrie.

The prequel will be titled The First Omen, with director Antonio Campos attached. Campos previously helmed Christine, which aired at Sundance this year. Newcomer Ben Jacoby wrote the script, while David Goyer — who wrote and exec-produced Batman v Superman and Constantine (RIP) — is producing this one.

Considering The Omen begins with the birth of Damien, it's difficult to know how the Devil's son could be introduced in a prequel — unless the movie traces Damien's roots right back to the Devil himself. That would be a pretty wild ride.

The timing feels right for this movie considering that horror movies and shows which lean heavily on religious themes have recently come back into fashion in a big way. The Witch blew audiences away earlier this year, while Preacher is coming to AMC and looks likely to be: a) huge and b) f***ing amazing.

Hopefully we'll find out more about The First Omen soon. It may be a bit late to hope for a 2016 release date, but whenever it comes, I'll be checking for it — especially if it's as insane as the batshit original.

Do you think The First Omen could be the horror prequel we deserve, or will Hollywood screw up once again?


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