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The Dobrev-Rose Prank Wars are starting to get out of hand — and we're so glad they are.

In case you haven't been keeping up until now, the two female stars of xXx: The Return of Xander Cage have been engaged in an epic prank war, which they've been kind enough to share with all of us via social media.

Recently, Ruby Rose posted some brand new footage of the prank life via The Daily Mail. Check out the videos here:

1. The Moment Nina Walked Into Her Trailer To Discover It Filled With Hundreds Of Pictures Of Ruby

2. There Was Supposed To Be A Gorilla-gram And A Taylor Swift Impersonator, But...

Just started following the Dobrev-Rose Prank Wars? No problem. Let's go back to the beginning.

1. Nina Started It.

2. The Many Faces Of Ruby Rose

The Australian stunner filled Dobrev's trailer with pictures of her lovely face — hundreds of them.

3. Then Things Got Wet

Nina Dobrev got a supersoaker and drenched her castmate. (This would be the indestructible super soaker from above).

4. Ruby Replaced Nina's Costume With A Porno Costume

5. Ruby Fart-Bombed Nina's Trailer

6.Nina Gave Ruby Crabs

Bonus: Nina Pranking Someone's House And Ruby Not Trying All That Hard To Stop It

What are your best ideas for Nina and Ruby's Prank War?

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