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After appearing in 11 seasons of the hit ABC series, Grey's Anatomy, is Dr. Callie Torres about to be paged to the OR for the last time?

Actress Sara Ramirez has sent Grey's Anatomy fans into a spin after firing off a tweet which seemed to indicate that she had filmed her last scenes for the series. The Tweet read:

That's a wrap for Doctor all for an enriching & unforgettable ride!

Despite the tweet including the hashtag (which could have been a possible typo), fans immediately took to social media to share their outrage at the possibility of the character leaving the show:

Ramirez has played Dr. Callie Torres since Season 2, Episode 19, appearing in 236 episodes of the show. Her current storyline definitely makes an exit from the series a big possibility, given that she has decided to move to New York City with girlfriend, Penny.

Grey's Anatomy will return next week with Episode 22 "Mama Tried"

Are you a Dr. Callie Torres fan? Will you be upset if she leaves?

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