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It's the Muppets as you've never seen them: lewd, drunk, and murdered. But still hilarious. The Muppet murder mystery — The Happytime Gang — has been in development at Lionsgate for some time, but now it's almost got the green light, thanks to Jamie Foxx.

The film will follow the story of the Happytime Gang, a group of famous muppets that star on a children's show but lead a rowdy, booze-soaked celebrity lifestyle off camera. When the members of the gang start getting murdered, a straight-laced cop (Jamie Foxx) teams up with a drunken, womanizing, muppet cop to solve the crime.

The idea was the brain child of Brian Henson — Jim Henson's son and chairman of the Jim Henson Company. He's clearly got his father's gift for creativity, even if it is a little more twisted. Henson will direct The Happytime Gang, which will be a combination of live action and classic muppetry.

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Will you be watching The Happytime Gang?

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