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Caitlin Monaghan

While I'm not a huge fan of McCarthy's, I thought I would check the film out.

For the most part, I found the film enjoyable but at times there were scenes that were just a bit over the top. These scenes were the ones mainly with Renault (Peter Dinklage) and Michelle Darnell (McCarthy). Mainly because I felt the humour was being pushed a bit too hard.

I did notice that McCarthy was one the script writers for the film. It seemed a little bit noticeable which bits were written by McCarthy. The film isn't one of her greatest but I think it's better than the film 'Tammy' that came out in 2014.

Some of the character development was done nicely. There were some moments were the film was funny as the humour was pushed onto the audience.

The scenes between Darnell and the lawyer lady from the Dandelions group was kind of funny. And the punch up scene in the street. Oh gosh.

Some of the costuming for McCarthy's character of Michelle Darnell was a bit questionable. What the heck was with the turtle necks? They are some of the worst bits of clothing ever.

The camera work and the editing, I thought was done really nicely. The sound design was also done nicely.

I think the only film that I have enjoyed, that stars McCarthy, is Identity Thief. That's the only film I have really enjoy with her in it. Some others have been a bit sub par.


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