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The FPS (first-person shooter) genre has had a lot of popular games in it. Call of Duty and Battlefield immediately come to mind. These two franchises have managed to stay relevant for a long time, and you could argue that they more or less helped the FPS genre sustain its popularity.

But whether you believe that or not, there's something I think we all have to agree on, and that's that the FPS genre wouldn't be where it is today without the major contribution of one game; Doom!

Created in 1993 by developer id Software, Doom may not have been the first FPS game, but it was certainly the one that popularized the genre. As such, the game has earned the title of the "Father of first-person shooters'!

Featuring three episodes that were nine levels each, Doom became an instant hit with its great gameplay, non-stop bloody action, and (at the time) incredible graphics. Doom was such a hit, that any FPS game that came after it wasn't called a "first-person shooter"—it was called a "Doom clone"!

Doom (2016)
Doom (2016)

After its success, Doom would go on to have several expansions, remasters, and sequels developed by id Software. The most recent game, simply titled Doom (2016), is a reboot of the franchise.

The reboot will have the same basic gameplay as the original with updated graphics. It's slated to come out May 13, and will feature a single-player mode as well as an online multiplayer mode. It will also apparently have the hardest game mode known to mankind!

If you've never played a Doom game, I'll tell you this, they are EXTREMELY difficult! After all, what did you expect in a game that literally has you facing off against demon spawn armed to the teeth with rifles, rocket launchers, and jetpacks?

Doom (2016) also has you fighting demons by your lonesome, so it's pretty clear that even the lowest difficulty setting is going to require that you strap on your grown up pants. But as if wasn't challenging enough, the game has a mode that not even the most skilled of players with the most grown of pants could beat!

Ultra-Nightmare Mode!

You know what's worse than having to traverse across freaky maps to get into a shooting contest with literal spawns of hell? Doing all of that, and being immediately punished for losing.

That best describes Doom's (2016) appropriately titled Ultra-Nightmare mode. An upgrade of Nightmare mode, the second highest difficulty, Ultra-Nightmare is just as difficult, only this time it adds just an extra bit of toughness to mess with the player.

Besides having a very small chance of surviving as wave after wave of demons get thrown at you, you now have to worry about permadeath. If you didn't know, permadeath means that once you die, you have to start the game ALL OVER. That's right, from the very beginning!

Games have used permadeath before, but there's just something about the sound of Doom's version of it that really just makes my skin crawl. And apparently, I'm not the only one.

No One Can Beat The Hardest Mode!

If you read the above description of Ultra-Nightmare mode and instantly thought that there's no way you could beat it, don't worry, you aren't the only one. In fact, as surprising as it may seem, not even the developers of the game have beat the mode yet!

Speaking to IGN, Doom (2016) executive producer Marty Stratton and creative director Hugo Martin spoke about the game's hardest mode. Apparently, the people behind the game have used the new Ultra-Nightmare mode for some friendly competition.

See, every time you die, your progress is marked by your character's helmet left at the place you died. The developers of the game have been keeping track of each other's progress, and seeing how far they can get. But apparently, NO ONE at id Software has managed to beat it yet!

So essentially, this means that if you beat the Ultra-Nightmare mode when you get the game, you will have officially done what no one over at id Software has done! That's assuming they don't beat it in the foreseeable future.

All the more reason to get Doom when it comes out May 13, and show everyone how good you are at it!

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