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(Warning: The following contains one relatively mild SPOILER for Captain America: Civil War - one that you most likely haven't yet heard tell of. As such, reading on should be approached with both caution and a willingness to have a minor non-comic-book-related cameo SPOILED for you...)

So, here's the thing. If you haven't yet seen Captain America: Civil War, then it should definitely be noted that the following contains some mild discussion of an early scene, as well as an amusing cameo that appears within it. If the idea of reading about such a thing before seeing the film shocks, appalls or generally upsets your digestive digestive system, then it might be worth bookmarking this here page and coming back once you've caught the movie in theaters. If you're cool to continue, though, then read on to find out...

Why THAT Captain America: Civil War Cameo Might Just Tell Us Something Important About Avengers: Infinity War

Now, what with this being a spoiler for an as-yet-unreleased-in-the-US movie and all, I'm going to throw the following under a cloak of SPOILER-protection, at least for another paragraph or two. If you don't want to know who cameos in Captain America: Civil War, then, y'know, don't click on the blurry box below...

Early on in Civil War, Tony Stark finds himself giving a talk at MIT. Upon leaving the stage, he's greeted by a face familiar to fans of TV's Community - Jim 'Dean Pelton' Rash. Rash proceeds to play a mildly toned down version of his Community character, to hilarious effect.

Which is great and all, but the big question now?

What Does That Cameo Mean For Avengers: Infinity War?

Well, here's the thing:

With 2014's Captain America: Civil War having already featured a cameo from Community's Danny Pudi, a.k.a. Abed, it looks increasingly likely that the Russo Brothers - who acted as executive producers on the show, along with directing a whole lot of episodes - are set to feature Community-themed cameos in each of their Marvel movies. After all, with Rash's appearance in Civil War, they're now 2 for 2.

Which in turn means that...

...It seems likely that we'll see a cameo from another Community alum in the Russo brothers-directed Avengers: Infinity War - possibly even in a more permanent role than we've yet seen. Alison Brie as Spider-Woman, perhaps? Gillian Jacobs as Squirrel Girl? Donald Glover as Miles Morales? Joel McHale as...a surly bank manager of some kind?

The possibilities are endless!

The big question now, though?

What do YOU reckon?


Do you think we'll see a continuation of THAT cameo trend in 'Avengers: Infinity War'?


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