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This article contains mild spoilers specific to the mid- and post-credit scenes of [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). You will find only a couple of mild spoilers for the main body of the movie here (any character appearing in the post-credits obviously doesn't die beforehand), but if you'd rather go in 100% blind, press that little X in the top of the tab and go make a cup of tea.

Yes, it has to be tea. It's not my fault if you don't like tea.

Having seen Civil War when it premiered in Europe this week, my biggest impression was that Marvel has taken their formula, picked the best bits from it, and placed them in a movie with a story strong enough to appeal to those who don't even like superhero movies much. This is Marvel's masterpiece.

Of course, most audiences do like superheroes, and with Marvel there's always the extra buzz of guessing which movie will be teased in the post-credits. Let's begin by talking about the mid-credits scene.

A teaser for the first black superhero in history

The mid-credits scene is the more important of the two, following directly on from the conclusion of the story as a kind of epilogue. It features three of our heroes: Captain America, Black Panther and a third, whose name I won't reveal here to keep from getting overly spoilerific.

Captain America is hot on Black Panther's tail
Captain America is hot on Black Panther's tail

Without going into too much detail, let's just say that Steve and T'challa form an alliance of sorts while keeping a secret from the rest of the world.

In the breathtaking final shot, the Russo brothers' camera pans out from their mountainside hideout to reveal that they're deep in the forests of Wakanda. Not only is this incredibly cool, it also entrusts Black Panther with an important future plot point almost guaranteed to pop up again in the MCU. Even before his solo movie, the King of Wakanda becomes one of the most important Avengers.

It's probably Marvel's best post-credits teaser to date. It's superb.

And one for the Spider-fans

The second of the two scenes comes at the very end, and it has no importance to the story of Civil War. It does, however, tease Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Back at home in his cosy apartment in Queen's, NYC, after a wild 24 hours fighting alongside Iron Man and his teammates in Europe, Peter Parker toys with a new gadget given to him by Tony Stark — a projector with a spider logo that also seems to have a dual function as some kind of communications tool.

Naturally, Aunt May comes in without warning — she's that kind of Aunt — and Peter quickly hides his new toy. It's a cute little preview for the main event.

Civil War may just be Marvel's masterpiece
Civil War may just be Marvel's masterpiece

Captain America: Civil War finally releases Stateside next Friday, May 6.

What's your favorite Marvel post-credits scene?


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