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My viewing experience of Civil War was great. A full cinema of big fans at midnight watching the first release. Beforehand the cinema was showing the first two Captain America films so by the time Civil War came on, the tone was set.

The film starts off great with the action kicking off in Lagos. Rogers, Falcon and Wanda are tracking down Crossbones and it has led them to Nigeria to take him down. They're successful in doing so and you see a great new gadget from Falcon. In that fight, Cross bones lets off a bomb right in front of Rogers but Wanda uses her powers to contain the bomb and get it away from him. In doing so she ultimately destroys a building and kills the civilians inside.

After that we are introduced to Stark giving a speech about a gadget that he had been creating that allows you to go back and view/change your memories. He demonstrated this by looking at the memory of the last time he said goodbye to his parents before they were killed. Once the speech is done he encounters a woman who approaches him and states how he is responsible for her sons death. A civilian killed in crossfire.

The Sokovia Accords. They were something in the film that had the Avengers torn on what the right thing to do was. This would mean that the government would be in control of the Avengers and when they were needed they would call on them. If they were to go out otherwise they would be fugitives. Many of them signed the treaty but Rogers was adamant that he didn't want to. After a few of them signing, Romonava went to a confrenece in vienna where the United Nations were meeting to discuss the outcome. During the confrence a bomb was detonated outside causing the building to be part of the explosion. The king of Nigeria who was doing a speech at the time was killed due to this.

Beforehand you met the Prince and you gathered that he was going to be the Black Panther, so its no surprise that he was. We later find out that it was Bucky who caused the explosion. Rogers went out looking for Bucky despite the fact that he was told that if he went out as Captain America he would be classed as a criminal. He tracks down Bucky in Bucharest and he is greeted by a Bucky that doesn't want to kill him. Bucky states that it wasn't him that did the explosion, but by that point there were many soldiers barging into his flat and trying to kill him after a shoot on sight order was placed. A great fight scene between Rogers, Bucky and the Officers. At this point we get introduced to the Black Panther, who from the off shows that he is a great superhero with his fighting skills and his amazing costume that seems to repel everything. This scene finished with the three of them including falcon being arrested due to the fact that they caused destruction in carrying out what they did.

After this, this is when you start to see the Avengers being torn from within. Bucky is assigned a a psychiatrist to judge his mental health and in doing so, wipes his mind and sets his mindset back to when he was the Winter Soldier. After his break out, Rogers of course goes after him and this time captures him. Bucky's mind is now back to what it was in Captain America: The First Avenger. This is now where the two sides start to form. On Rogers side you have, himself, Falcon, Hawk eye, Ant Man, Wanda and Bucky. On Iron Man's side there is Stark, Romanova, War Machine Black Panther, Vision and Spiderman. The introduction of Spiderman was one of the best scenes in the whole film. Seeing his portrayal of Peter Parker already put Garfield's to shame. There was something real about his portrayal of the character and it was easy to buy into. During the fight scenes Spiderman was coming out with some great one liners that had the audience laughing and quite frankly thats the sort of humour that I feel we need with Spiderman. Ant Man as well, a great addition to the film. The first time he has met the Avengers and he was acting star struck - fan girling over many of them. The fight scene between all of The Avengers was in the top two moments of the film. It was the right length and there were some great action sequences including Ant Man growing to an extreme size. This fight scene was finished off with Rogers and Bucky getting away but during this, shot out of the sky was War Machine by Vision. You can see the emotion on Starks face when he flies down and holds him.

As the film goes on we learn that there was more that just one Winter Soldier made back in 1991 and the character Baron Zemo wants to lead the Avengers to his location. This location is the place where Bucky was experimented on and transformed into the Winter Soldier. Whilst all of the other Avengers are in prison Stark realises that he made a mistake and it wasn't Bucky that caused the explosion, It was in-fact Zemo who was impersonating him. He asks Falcon for their location whilst disabling and listening devices so nobody else goes after them.

Stark greets Rogers and Bucky at the location and states that he was sorry and that he was wrong. All seemed to be going well until they find Zemo and he says that his plan is to tear the Avengers apart from within. He does this by showing a video. This was the third time that we had seen this clip in the film but we had never seen the outcome. The clip was of Stark's parents being killed by Bucky back in 1991. Stark was unaware of this and asked Rogers if he knew about it. Rogers confirmed that he did and the final battle begins.

A great final battle. Some people would say that the fight scene with all of the Avengers would be their favourite, but for me it was the one between Rogers, Stark and Bucky. Visually, amazing to watch. The tables were turned all through out the fight and I was wondering the whole time, who is going to win? At points the Captain was on top and likewise for Iron man. It felt like the fight was going to conclude with a death. There was a moment where I thought that Iron Man was about to kill Rogers but all of a sudden it turned around and before I knew it, Captain America was on top of Iron Man destroying his armour. In that scene Stark had lost his mask - Captain America raised his shield and I thought he was going to strike his head and kill him. Instead rogers smashed the Arc Reactor in Starks Chest. Carrying a wounded and metallic armless Bucky away, he leaves stark alone.

Whilst all of this was happening, Zemo escaped and we found out that he did all of this because his family were victims of the Avengers. Black Panther went up there to kill him but ultimately ended up saving him as he was about to shoot himself.

The film finishes with Stark getting out of his car and helping War Machine recover with some legs that stark had made. There was also a great cameo from Stan Lee as a delivery man delivering a package with a message from Rogers inside. The message stated that he was sorry for not informing him of the truth about his parents death and there was also a phone in the package as well. Finishing the letter by saying that if her ever needed him to just give him a call. If i was going to say one thing about the film that disappointed me, I would say that I felt like there needed to be a death. Captain America had to die. Thats my opinion anyway. It would have given the film an even bigger ending than what it had and could have been the perfect close to a great trilogy of films.

Overall I would say that this film is the strongest Captain America film. A lot better than the first and marginally better than the second. The inclusion of all of the characters was great to see and they are a massive reason to why this film is a great. The relationship between Rogers and Stark is also another reason why this film is a must watch. The ride you go on with them is a great one. I don't know if I would class it as the best marvel film ever made but I know for a fact that I preferred it to the two Avengers films and the previous Captain America films.

What did you think of Civil War? Is it the best Marvel film ever made? Let me know in the comments below.


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