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WARNING! This article may contain spoilers from the newly released Captain America: Civil War movie

The clash of heroes has begun! Fans across the globe will eagerly wait at the edge of their seats as one of Marvel's most anticipated films unfolds before their eyes. Having been fortunate enough to watch the film, I can honestly say that the movie was truly amazing and that one of its greatest moments was when Team Iron Man and Team Captain America finally come together in one final battle. Alliances and friendships were put to the test, skills pushed to their limits, tempers raised. However, although this showdown was breathtaking, it left the audience without any true winner, with each duel being spontaneously interrupted by another hero, it may be said that a winner was never determined.

So let us the audience choose our winners! Below I have compiled some of the most amazing and thrilling duels that made Captain America: Civil War so amazing and it will be you, the audience, that will now choose who would have won if these competitors had they been left to their devices.

Scarlet Witch Vs The Vision

Quite the dynamic duo in the comics, it was very sweet watching Vision trying to be be nice to Wanda when she was feeling down. However, all feelings were set aside on the battlefield. Scarlet Witch's mystic powers have increased almost tenfold since her last appearance and she isn't afraid to send cars raining down on her adversaries. However you mustn't underestimate Vision. Although much of his own power is still quite a mystery to him it did not stop him from fighting toe-to-toe with Scarlet Witch. Making use of as much of the Mind Stone's power as he could, he gave Wanda's mystic powers quite a run for their money.


And the winner is?

Falcon vs War Machine

Both men have seen the battlefield, specifically from the sky. Both Flacon and War Machine fight in the names of their friends, Captain America and Iron-Man. They will push their limits in one of the greatest aerobic battles ever but only one will be left standing. But who will continue to fly free and who will plummet to the Earth below?


And this round goes to?

Hawkeye Vs Black Widow

In what must be one of the most humorous battles in the whole film (excluding those involving Spier-Man, anyway) we watch how these old friends stand on opposite sides making use of all their super-spy tricks. However, not even the strains of this civil war could destroy the history they shared. When bow and arrow goes against the Widow's Bite, one friend must fall at the hand of the other but, the question is, who will that be?


Who has the sharper skills?

Ant-Man vs Spider-Man

No, I did not match these two together just because they have insect related names and powers. In the film there is an awesome showdown between 'Ant-man' (I use this name lightly) and Spider-Man. We watch as these two heroes dish it out, accompanied with some of the funniest commentary throughout the whole film. It was so amazing to watch these two heroes fight each other, I can only imagine how awesome they'd have been had they been on the same team.


Ant or Spider?

Winter Soldier vs Black Panther

Say what you may, these two are just as much the reason for this civil war as the Sokovia Accords were. It was Black Panther's persistent hunting of the Winter Sodier that caused Captain America to intervene and thus catalysing the breaking-up of the Avengers. It was impressive how well Black Panther could keep up with the Winter Soldier's battle skill. But, will skill trump all? or will experience prove to be invaluable once again?


Who has the true killer instinct?

Captain Amrica vs Iron Man

This was the king of showdowns, the battle we had been waiting for all these months. We watch as two of Earth's mightiest warriors fight it out to the very end. This was not a battle of prides but a battle of morals and beliefs. In both their hearts they would protect this world of ours to their final breath. But, can the safety of a friend be more important then the safety of the whole world? Or can ones freedom and rights be signed away for security and contingency?


Who will be the last man standing?

And the final and ultimate question....


Who will prevail?


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