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The streaming landscape is so vast it becomes difficult to single out one film to watch. In an effort to save you time and energy I’ve scoured Netflix and found five random films you might appreciate. These five films are incredibly eclectic, but they all offer something different for the viewer. If you are looking for something to watch this weekend you can’t go wrong with these five films.

1. 'Phoenix'

Phoenix was one of the best movies of 2015, and I am really happy the A.V. Club trumpeted it so loudly. Not only did they say it was one of the best films of 2015, they also decided it had one of the best scenes of the year. Nina Hoss is fantastic in the lead role and her hellish journey after surviving German concentration camps makes for a brilliant noir. This is a tiny film that packs a huge punch, and if you are into foreign films that take place in post-war Germany you will love it.

2. 'The Assassin'

Some say The Assassin is glacial paced. I say they are dumb (not really, they are cool). This beautifully filmed Chinese epic takes its time and has the best imagery of any 2015 film. The story revolves around a mysterious woman returning home after being sent away to train under a mysterious badass. Don’t expect a martial arts epic involving people running around on top of trees. Expect a natural and often jaw-dropping film that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Hou Hsiao-Hsien is a wonderful director.

3. 'Man Up'

Man Up is romantic comedy at its purest. It is loaded with saccharine and wears its rom-com tropes proudly. Simon Pegg and Lake Bell dive into their roles as mismatched daters perfectly, and you will find yourself routing for them as their misadventures get progressively worse and worse. I had a blast watching Man Up and I appreciated that it stuck to its romantic comedy guns and overcame the tropes and cliches that normally weigh down movies like this. You will love it.

4. 'Bowfinger'

I love Bowfinger. It is hilarious, smart and features a great Eddie Murphy performance. You will love every second of this fun little comedy and I guarantee you will be quoting it for years to come.

5. 'The Look of Silence'

The Look of Silence is one of the highest rated critic/audience films of the 21st century (check out the list) and I guarantee you will never forget it. This documentary is urgent, beautiful and unsettling. You won’t soon forget the film and I think it is a must watch for cinephiles. Joshua Oppenheimer is a filmmaker to watch, and I can’t believe he got such close access to Indonesian death-squad leaders.


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