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Marvel's highly anticipated Civil War is finally out in certain places around the world, and so far the response has been great! I personally loved the film, everything about it made me happy. One aspect that was great about the film was the nice amount of Easter Eggs that appeared, my favorite being the Community one! As you know, Joe and Anthony Russo (Civil War directors) used to direct the hit TV show Community before they got their big break with The Winter Soldier. They know to stay true to their roots, with Community being a big part of their history. In The Winter Solder, we got a really neat cameo from Abed's actor, Danny Pudi. Check it out below before the Civil War Easter Egg!

Pretty cool, right? Well, I think the Civil War one was even better! As you can probably guess, there's no clip I can show for the Civil War one, but I'll describe it below, and let me know if you noticed it too!

Near the start of the movie, Tony Stark is giving a lecture to some MIT students. When he comes off the stage, he's greeted by none other than the Dean himself!

What made this cameo from Jim Rash even funnier is the fact that he was still in character from Community as he asked Tony Stark for some more donations in his usual petty way, which was hilarious. A great nod to the fantastic TV show!

Did you notice this little nod to Community? Let me know in the comments which Community star you'd like to see next in a Marvel movie.


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