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Julian Bahmani

When I think of Fan Art, more often than not I think of reverently drawn depictions of fan-favorite characters. So it's with great interest that I'm drawn to anything that disrupts the norm and presents characters in a different, or even distorted light. If you're looking for something to haunt your nightmares in the best way possible, check out this magnificently subversive artwork by PEZ Artwork:

The texture is so vividly rendered it feels like I could just reach out and touch it...

This doesn't destroy my childhood at all...nope...not at all...

I remove my face all the time too. Yep...perfectly normal.

This time it looks like PEZ Artwork killed Kenny.

The hollowed out mushrooms coming from the hollows of his eyes is incredible...and also creepy.

Check out PEZ Artwork for more!


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