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Being a stone cold Supernatural-phile, I love the arc of the show for the most part. I understand that casualties have to be part of the deal. It shows the high stakes that the Winchester boys have to deal with on a daily basis. Saving the world ain't easy folks! But it doesn't mean I have to like it when characters I really dig bite the big one. So let's take a look back and see some of those characters we love who exited the stage too soon.

Honorable Mention : Cassie

Dean's oft forgotten first love interest (from the Season 1 episode 'Route 666'), Cassie had amazing chemistry with Dean, and a rather complicated past. I always wondered why they didn't revisit this hot mess of a relationship. Maybe one day...

#10 - Chuck/aka Carver Edlund/aka GOD

We were introduced to Chuck as the author of the not-so-best-selling 'Supernatural' book series in the Season 4 episode 'The Monster at the End of the Book'. Going by the pen name 'Carver Edlund', his stories recounted the entire Winchester boy's history moment by moment. How can he know all that, you ask? Because he's a Prophet of the Lord, that's why! In the Season 5 finale 'Swan Song', it was strongly hinted that he was not just a Prophet of the Lord, but the big man himself - GOD Almighty! There is more ammunition to that argument given that he will be in the upcoming Episode 11x20, which is all about Amara and the search for her brother GOD. So more Chuck is on the way - hooray!

#9 - Bela Talbot

Played by the wonderful Lauren Cohan (Maggie of 'The Walking Dead' fame), Bela was a sexy nemesis of the boys, stealing artifacts that they wanted and needed to sell for cash. Sam had a secret, unrequited thing for Bela, having more than a few naughty thoughts about the two of them together. She was ultimately taken down by the Demon Lilith (who also killed Dean for the first of many deaths) after her crossroads deal ran out. Given that she's on a hit show, a return is doubtful (unless she's the one on the business end of Negan's bat, that is): but a return would be lots of fun.

#8 - Kevin Tran

Kevin was next in line as a Prophet, emerging in Season 7. His arc was all about deciphering ancient 'Word of God' tablets, with the express purpose of sending all the nasties back to Hell and allowing all the Angels back into Heaven. Dick Roman, the big bad at the time, kidnaps Kevin and tries to get him to translate the tablets for his own end. Ditto Crowley, who takes Kev later in the story-line. Evil Angel Metatron has his sights set on Kev as well, and eventually orders the murder of Kev by the angel Gadreel (who does the deed while possessing Sam). Kevin's soul is trapped in the veil, since the Angels can't ascend to Heaven. He is reunited with his Tiger Mom, who protects Kev until he can move on to the next plane of existence.

#7 - Garth

Originally used as comic relief, goofy hunter Garth was in a few episodes until the tragic death of Bobby Singer, at which point he became a sort of surrogate Bobby to the boys. He took some of the duties, such as finding lore and posing as FBI. CIA, or whatever was necessary to smooth out the bumps during the boy's cases. This was status quo for awhile, until Season 9, where it was discovered that he was bitten by a werewolf and turned. Sam and Dean have to fight their 'kill first, ask questions later' instincts when Garth tells them he is part of a were-family that doesn't kill humans. He begs the boys to leave the family be, and the boys eventually come around and leave Garth to live his life in peace.

#6 - John Winchester

Big Daddy John is the man who made the boys who they are. Dean idolized him, dressing like him and liking the same music. Sam was more rebellious, but deep down he loved his old man too. They come together in Season 1 when John has a bead on the yellow eyed demon that killed his wife and Sam's girlfriend. John has a supernatural weapon, a six shooter made by Samuel Colt which can kill anything. The demons fight John and the boys, and the situation is so dire that John makes a deal with the demon - John gives up his life and goes to Hell to save the boys. Later in the season John emerges from a place called The Devil's Gate, a doorway to Hell, to save Dean from Yellow Eyes and gives Dean the opportunity to finally vanquish the demon once and for all. Now that he is released, John's soul ascends to heaven. Since the amazing Jeffery Dean Morgan is now Negan on 'The Walking Dead', a reunion with the boys is sadly doubtful.

#5 - Rufus Turner

courtesy CW
courtesy CW

Grumpy, irascible, and utterly hilarious, Rufus served as partner in crime and comic sidekick to hunter Bobby Singer throughout the series until his untimely death in Season 6. He's been brought back a couple of times, most recently in the Season 11 flashback episode 'Safe House'. The incredible chemistry and comic timing between Rufus and Bobby screams for a spin-off - let's make it happen, people!

#4 - Jo and Ellen Harville

Ellen owned 'The Roadhouse', a bar for hunters. Jo, her daughter, worked there with her mother. Ellen's hubby Bill was a hunter back in the day, going on cases with John Winchester, until something tragic happened and Bill was killed. Ellen swore off the hunter life, and forbade Jo from getting into the game. The Winchester boys come by The Roadhouse on a case and begin a friendship with Ellen and Jo. Jo and Dean have a curious 'brother-sister' thing with hints of romance, which does NOT please Ellen at all. Jo wants desperately to become a hunter, and she butts heads with Ellen. Jo goes out on a case with the boys anyway, and barely escapes with her life. Jo is adamant about becoming a hunter, so Ellen joins her to protect her from harm. Ellen and Jo go on a mission to kill the Devil with Sam and Dean in the Season 5 episode "Abandon All Hope', but they encounter a bloodthirsty group of hell-hounds in a hardware store that intend to make Ellen and Jo into kibble. Jo is horribly wounded, but decides to go out swinging. The crew makes bombs from the stuff inside the store, and Ellen and Jo lure the hounds to their doom, sacrificing themselves so that the boys can continue their mission. Ellen came back in an alternate reality episode as Bobby's wife, and Jo surfaced in a later episode when Dean was on trial for his soul, but we need more!

#3 - Death

Yes, Death. One of the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse. That sarcastic, junk food lovin' killing machine! His scenes with Dean are PRICELESS. Dean is scared sh*tless when in Death's presence, but still makes incredibly inappropriate jokes. He helps the boys cage Lucifer with his ring and the other three rings from the 4 Horsemen (their rings form the key which locks the Lucifer cage, you see). Unfortunately, Sam gets trapped in the cage with Lucifer too! Eventually Sam's body is freed, but his soul remained in Hell. Dean enlists Death's help in restoring Sam's soul, which he reluctantly does. He comes back again in Season 10 and is instrumental to the plot-line of Dean overcoming the Mark of Cain and ultimately unleashing The Darkness upon the world. He perished at the hand of Dean and crumbled to dust, but you can't get rid of Death that easily!

He also had the BEST entrance of any character in the history of the show-here it is:

#2 - Charlie

The ultimate nerd dream girl, computer hacking Charlie was as close to a Winchester sibling as you can get. Loved by the boys like a sister, she was a breathtaking character, wicked smart and full of fun. Enlisted by the boys to help gank Dick Roman, she became an invaluable resource in many cases since. She has the 2nd best entrance in Supernatural, behind Death btw. And here it is!

She appeared periodically until season 10, where she was killed by the evil Styne family (descendants of Frankenstein) while in pursuit of The Book of the Damned. This was the 2nd most unnecessary death in the history of the show. Which leads us to the #1 character we want back.

#1 - Bobby Singer

The Big Kahuna - my favorite all-time character (sorry, Sam and Dean). The ultimate hunter and father figure, Bobby was one of the most complex and appealing characters in the history of television. Acerbic, funny, and sarcastic, yet fiercely protective and loyal, Bobby Singer portrayed the life of an hunter better than any character ever in Supernatural. He was there for the boys whenever they needed him, and was loved by Sam and Dean like a father. Ultimately killed (needlessly!) by Dick Roman, Bobby has returned more than any other defunct character, and yet it's still not enough for me. I demand that the show-runners bring Bobby back FOR GOOD! Sam and Dean have died and been resurrected more than a room full of cats - you can't tell me that they can't figure out a way to bring Bobby down from Heaven. Bravo to the incredible Jim Beaver for bringing such an iconic character to life!

So there you have it - my list of the 10 most missed. Disagree? Fire away - give me your list!


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