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WARNING! This article contains major spoilers from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War.

I think I speak for most fans around the globe when I say that two of the most anticipated films of 2016 were Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War. Sadly these two films have caused quite the rift to form between superhero fans. Some say one was better then the other and the usual bickering between DC and Marvel fans ensued. However, did anyone realize just how fundamentally similar these two films were? When it comes to plot, they were identical, only the final outcome deviated from each other. Don't believe me? Here's the proof.

Two Heroes

Be it Batman and Superman or Iron Man and Captain America, both stories begin with two well known heroes. Superman, Iron-Man and Captain America all have saved the Earth from a destructive alien invasion (admittedly Cap and Iron Man saved the world a few more times after that but that's besides the point) and are basking in all that earth-saving glory. Batman never fought aliens, though his feats to save Gotham have become almost legendary, giving even the worst baddies nightmare. However all these heroes fight for a different cause.

One fights for what is right.

Cap and Superman have always been considered to be the personification of morality and patriotism. They do not fight for pride and glory, but instead follow their own beliefs and moralities. Their aim is to save the Earth and save lives. They follow a moral code that they abide to to the very end.

The other knows of the consequences.

But then what of the consequences? Although saving the world is admirable, Batman and Iron Man ahem become aware of the consequences such actions may have on the lives of civilians. Orphaning children and destroying families, they are aware that if superpowered beings remain unregulated, the world could easily fall to ruin. And thus they they drive to stop such disasters, Batman through the discovery of Kryptonite and Iron Man through the the signing of the Sakovia Accords.

They are manipulated by the villain.

The real sad thing about this is that although each side of these battles had a good reason to argue, if it weren't for external forces pulling their strings, they would never have fought so gruesomely as they did. In Civil War Baron Zemo pulls at Tony Stark's hearth-strings forcing him to fight the team he had saved the world twice with. But Baron Zemo was a victim of the battle of Sokovia and he menages to split up the world's mightiest warriors with almost villainous ease. Lex Luthor on the other hand forces Superman to fight Batman to save his mother's life. Superman never wished to battle Batman, but when Lex threatened his mother, the decision was made for him. He would risk anything to protect what was left of his family.

They forced them to clash

The sad thing is that the bad guys actually succeeded into manipulating the good guys into fighting each other. Although the fight scenes were impressively amazing, it is heart-shattering to watch such amazing men fall to the level of settling their difference through fists rather then words. If that happens, what makes them any different from the villains they promised to protect the world from?

But where the death of parent creates a team...

Fans had laughed at how the fact that Batman and Superman's mother's both shared the same name had stopped a battle just as one was on the brink of death. But this shows how one's past can influence the actions of the present, how they could save a life just as easily as it could destroy it.

For the other it breaks them apart.

But just the parents of Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne sparked a seemly unlikely alliance, for Tony Stark, this meant the end of the Avengers. It was the revelation of what really happened to his parents, who really killed them, that sent him over the line, cementing the separation of the Avengers.

Although each film was amazing and epic in its own way, it is chilling to see how similar the stories of these heroes are. But, what is amazing is that, although both stories are remarkably similar, the final outcomes are totally opposite. It's impressive how much one final choice, one final decision, could affect those around them so differently.


Which was better?


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