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In 2012, Manny Bueno was born. At birth, he sustained a traumatic brain injury that led to his afflictions: Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. He cannot speak or walk, but he can still dream. And that's the aspect that Holly Bueno wants to share in her book The Adventures of Supermanny: Through My Eyes. She invested $5,000 of her own money to get the story published, with the goal of selling enough to eventually pay for a $25,000 wheelchair ramp for their home in Romeoville, Illinois, as well as other medical bills.

But right now, DC Comics isn't on board. Her attempt to trademark the name is being contested by DC, who believe that the name is to close to that of the world famous Superman. But in an interview with ABC 7 Chicago, Holly showed that she wasn't giving up yet.

"Knowing that at one point he had three days to live, and I look down and my girls are looking at me. So I need to show them you don't just sit and pout, you don't just give up. You just keep going. You got to find a way to make it better."

So far, Warner Brothers has denied that they requested that the book not be sold, but has not commented on DC's claim against the trademark.

In addition to the book, the family has organized a 5k run to help reach their goal. In previous years, the run helped pay for a hyperbaric chamber, which is used for oxygen therapy. This year's run took place on May 1st.

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