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Multi-talented man Rob Zombie is know for his kickass music and also his work in the director's seat, giving us films like House of 1000 Corpses, The Lords of Salem and even his own version of Halloween.

But today, I'd like to point out the visual music video history, as they do play a bigger part in his imaginary than anything else.

It all goes back to 1992, when White Zombie released their first classic single, "Thunder Kiss '65". Reminiscent of the stoner edge that would define that decade, its peculiar characters are what really stood out.

"More Human Than Human" continued the crazy visuals and ever more defined the characters that, 20 years later, are associated to what is being done by the artist today. It was a rebellious time, for some more than others.

After the end of White Zombie, it was time to reinvent. Rob Zombie returned in a, well, zombie form, in "Dragula". Scarier than ever, the turn of the millennium certainly was defined by this player on the block in a time where Nu-Metal was making waves of its own.

With "Living Dead Girl", Zombie was able to experiment with an homage to classic cinema, with a story of his own. By the time "Never Gonna Stop (The Red Red Kroovy)" came around, portraying a re-imagined version of A Clockwork Orange, all eyes were set on what he would be doing next.

Sadly, Zombie focused his energy on making more memorable horror flicks instead of memorable music videos, and I've skipped a decade's worth of basic music videos.

When "Dead City Radio and The New Gods of Supertown" debuted, it was a refreshing sight to see everything that was missing for all that time, featuring ideas Zombie probably had while shooting his various films. And it didn't stop there.

"Well, Everybody's F**king in a U.F.O." is, well, a different and fun approach to conspiracy theories and is visually portrayed in the most awesome way possible!

More and more videos are coming out of Rob Zombie's latest album, The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser, out today!

What's your favorite Rob Zombie music video?


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