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If you're lucky enough to live overseas, chances are you've already seen — or have plans to see — Marvel's latest reported masterpiece Captain America: Civil War. And for those of us poor souls left lagging behind in the US who still have to wait another week until the release, the hype is still very real.

If you still haven't seen Iron Man and Captain America go head to head, or if you're still on the fence of where your allegiance should lie, then Marvel may have a tie-breaking video for you.

Earlier today, the official Marvel Twitter account posted the following video featuring Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. arguing over whose character is superior. In order to settle their bet, they decided to ask for the third-party opinion of Stan Lee himself.

Ever since seeing Stan Lee's first major cameo in X-Men, spotting the genius comic book creator on the silver screen has become a staple of the Marvel movie-going experience.

From what we can tell, Lee doesn't need to petition for a great cameo. Earlier today, Joe and Anthony Russo, the directors of Captain America: Civil War, spoke to the radio station Nova 96.9 and discussed how they approached the time-honored Stan Lee MCU cameo:

"You’re always looking to keep it different with him and you want to surprise the audience because they get a kick out of it, but you also want to make it relevant in some way, so he delivers a key piece of information in the movie."

If their finished product is anything like their intentions, Stan Lee has little cause for concern and I can't wait to see what his next cameo will be

'Captain America: Civil War' will be released on May 6.


Whose side are you on?

(Source: Twitter, Nova96.9)


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