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Earlier today (29th April), the inevitable happened, and Netflix officially picked up Jon Bernthal's Punisher for his own solo series. It's currently unclear whether this will be a 13-episode affair like parent show Daredevil is, but based on his appearance on the aforementioned show, we can definitely think about where the show might go. Be warned of some spoilers for Daredevil season 2 below, and potential spoilers for The Punisher show, but this is all my speculation.

(C) Netflix, Marvel
(C) Netflix, Marvel

The main thing to consider when considering this show's direction is where we left the Punisher at the end of Daredevil season 2: Frank Castle discovers that his former army commander was the infamous Blacksmith, the man who ordered the murder of his family and executes him accordingly. He then goes back to his family home and torches it to the ground, but not before salvaging a disc labelled 'Micro'.

This opens plenty of avenues for where this series could go. As we know, Castle has completed his primary objective, the reason he took up this mantle, which was to find the person responsible for his family's death, and to kill them. That said, this doesn't mean he's done. There could be other people linked in to his family's slaughter, and finding the Blacksmith may have just been the first step of his crusade. There could be plenty more corrupt soldiers out that there Frank plans to take care of, and if this is to be a mini-series as anticipated, a reasonably simple base plotline like this would do the job perfectly. This theory is strengthened by the 25-second teaser trailer tweeted by the official Netflix account, which you can watch below.

As you can tell, we have the quintissential Punisher logo, but more important is what we hear in the background. First off is the ominous noise of a carousel - conveniently the place where his family were massacred - and Bernthal's Punisher's motto: 'One patch, two patch, Penny and Dime'. The first element suggests that his vendetta is far from quelled, and there are definitely more elements that caused the death of his family, and the inclusion of his catchphrase - typically used before he goes on one of his killing sprees - implies plenty of blood will be shed before those responsible are uncovered.

The other main thing to consider is that ominous disc Frank takes before setting his house alight, scrawled with the word 'Micro'. This is almost definitely a reference to the comic character Microchip, alias David Lieberman, who acts as an armourer and a friend to Frank, but in recent comic arcs, he has adopted more of a villainous role. That said, judging by the fact this disk resides in his family home, that may be an arc saved for a potential second series.

(C) Marvel Comics
(C) Marvel Comics

There you have it. Although we don't know when the Punisher series will arrive, the clues we've been given so far will surely render it a riveting success, or at least I hope so.

What do you think the Punisher series will consist of? Have I missed any key elements that might add some depth to the speculation? Be sure to leave a comment below, and follow us if you enjoyed this article and want more like it. Thanks for reading!


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