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[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) was just released, and it didn't go well with fans and critics, had drastic and tragic drops in the box office, and is mostly hated by fans and critics.

But while I thought it was an alright movie, I need to say it left a sour, blunt taste in my mouth. Is the DCEU gonna survive this? Well, it obviously will, but people have lost hope in the DC Extended Universe, while I believe that there's room for improvement and Suicide Squad may very well fix the DCEU, while not grow the universe or anything, there's a lot of reasons that SS might overshadow BVS.

Let's start:

#1. There Are Different Directors

Zack Snyder, at this point, is hated by every fan and critic alike. He's a Michael Bay clone and him saying he's a comic book fan is LIES, cause when asked about Darkseid, he was oblivious to a common thing associated with Darkseid, his SYMBOL.

He's making a JL movie, and he doesn't know anything about the villain, WHAT. THE. HELL? David Ayer is a good enough writer and director, and you can depend on him to make a good film. He only has one mediocre movie on his name. He's perfect for SS, because SS is kind of a cop thriller, if you think about it, and with End Of Watch and Training Day.

If you watched some movies from both directors, then you know their style is drastically different. SS looks a lot more fun, drastic and enteirtaining than Batman V Superman. Just believe in Ayer and SWKAD.

#2. It's Got New And Exciting Characters

Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, EL Diablo, Deadshot, Katana, Slipknot, Rick Flag. These are some cool new characters to bring to the big screen, aren't they? All of them (except Harley) weren't well known, but now that they're brought to the big screen, all eyes are on them.

I, personally, can't wait to see these characters together in the screen, interacting and fighting, it's the 'new' escense they give away, and i like that. I am not saying Batman or Superman are boring characters, but considering BVS i wanna get new characters, we've seen Batman and Superman tons of times in the movies, but not the Suicide Squad, they all will be great.

#3. There's Gonna Be ACTUAL Humour

BVS was a moody party, just politics, monologues of religion and belief, and all the darkest stuff you could imagine. I mean, nothing TOO wrong with that, but jee whiz, buy a goddamn sense of humor, man. Maybe the Flash could have given this movie a little humour, but even the Flash was caught in the dark trap of BVS.

SS looks like a movie ready for some fun and humour, and that's good. Not Marvel-corny jokes-level of humour, but atleast a little bit.

And there will be some cool, visual comedy, which is much needed, because i am sick of fart and dick jokes.

Good thing, Marvel hasn't reached that point.

#4. There's Real Diversity And Cool Ensemble Cast

Let's be honest, BVS didn't have that much diversity, the only characters that aren't white males are Lois Lane, Perry White, and Mercy Graves (who gets killed) plus they didn't have much screentime to be important, maybe outside of Lois, but she was just a damsel in distress.

The cast of SS is fantastic, talented actors and some diversity, and most of them are main characters, and that is really good, not because they're white, black or whatever, but having a little diversity won't hurt.


Suicide Squad opens in August, and i CAN'T wait to see it. There aren't many odds, but this film could be the DCEU's big jewel.


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