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We are all monsters and creatures inhabiting the Earth, filled with both light and darkness. We gnash our teeth, we slash with our claws — but sometimes we show compassion with a helping hand, a loving embrace.

We might view each other as monsters and creatures. But what happens when true beasts walk among us? Vampires, werewolves, witches and demons make the monstrosities that human beings commit seem tepid in comparison.

Penny Dreadful is back with its third season. Just when we though Vanessa Ives, Sir Malcolm Murray, Doctor Victor Frankenstein and Ethan Chandler were free from evil, it seems to be back to haunt and destroy them.

The first episode, titled "The Day Tennyson Died," was made available for our viewing pleasure, and I already have some incredibly pressing questions! I hope to have them answered sooner rather than later, but I suppose that would take all of the fun out of the mystery.

1. Who is Kaetenay?

He refers to himself as Ethan's father. Is it possible that Kaetenay is not Ethan's biological father, but rather his "biting father?" Perhaps he the one who bit Ethan and made him into a werewolf. I want to learn more about Ethan's backstory as well as his intense connection with Native American mysticism.

2. What is Dr. Seward's connection to the Cut-Wife?

Dr. Seward mentions that Clayton is a family last name. So how exactly does she connect to the Cut-Wife Joan Clayton? And did you notice that strange look she gave Vanessa after her consultation?

There is most definitely something fishy there.

3. What good (or rather, harm) will come from Dr. Jeckyll and Dr. Frankenstein's collaboration?

Dr. Frankenstein has already created monsters with Lily and John Clare (who I view as more of an unfortunately twisted, yet kind, soul). Of course, Lily is far more malevolent than John Clare would ever be. But hasn't Frankenstein learned from his past?

The collaboration between the two doctors will only produce even greater, more formidable monsters. I can only wonder what horror they will conceive.

4. What version of Dracula will be featured in this season?

So far we've only been introduced to Dracula's gang of vampiric men, as well as his chillingly emotionless voice. I want to know what kind of Dracula Vanessa will be dealing with in this new season. Can he fit into society by changing his appearance? Or does he send his crew of vampires to do his bidding and drag in his victims?

Only time will tell.

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