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Dragon Ball Super Episode 41 Will Get Released In Less Than 24 Hours! Check Out My Pre-episode Thoughts And Predictions!


So basically, in episode 40 the tournament finally came to a close with Universe 7 taking the victory. Earlier on Goku forfeited the match against Hit and then Monaka pulled of a Mr. Satan as Hit willingly eliminated himself taking a weak punch from Monaka. If you are wondering why both Goku and Hit threw the match you might want to check out my episode 40 reviews! (Episode 40 Review). However, after Hit lost the final match Champa became extremely pissed off and was about to kill all his fighters. At that moment, the god of all 12 universes (the god of everything) walks into the stage. Champa and Beerus both looks absolutely terrified at the sight of him. So, the episode ends with Champa’s rage being interfered by the appearance of the lord of the 12 universes.

And in the trailer of episode 41 we see the Dragon God Zarama. So, this episode 41 will center around 2 major characters the god of everything and- Zeno sama the dragon god Zarama.

Dragon God Zarama- Dragon Ball Super
Dragon God Zarama- Dragon Ball Super

Okay, about the Dragon God. As we know he is summoned by the planet-sized super dragon balls. And has the power to grant almost any wish. At this point it’s really hard to assume what they will wish for since this is a different type of Dragon than the once we know and so the wish shall justify its greatness.

Many fans are predicting that the wish might be something dumb like food-related something since Beerus and Champa are both food enthusiastic and the entire tournament literally based on that while some other thinks that the wish might get stolen by someone from the losing side. But the thing here is we are seeing the Dragon god for the first time will they really make a joke out of it or a wasted wish.

We want to see the power of Zarama. If it ends up doing something Shernon could do then there wouldn’t remain any specialty. So, I don’t know what they are going to wish for but I just hope it’s something important that will highlight the value of Zarama and will have a long lasting impact on the series and have something to do with the future plots. I’m also very excited to know how big Zarama is in size too. By the way, the design looks very dope and I’m satisfied that they didn’t make it look something different than a Dragon which was being suggested by many fans.

The concept of ‘The God of Everything’ here is interesting. The first thing that came to our mind is why will he be here? What could be the logical reason for the ultimate power of everything coming to visit a universal tournament?

Champa and Beerus looks pretty terrified so I was wondering if arranging a universal tournament and making creatures of 2 universes confront like this goes against any kind of godly rules or something like that. So it can be like they broke the godly rule and here comes the ultimate authority to whop justice up their ass. Or it could turn out to be just the opposite. Maybe Zeno sama is here because he really liked this concept of tournament and he was probably watching the entire thing. Thinking about it this Zeno Sama could be leading us to a 12 universe tournament. Maybe not now maybe the last chapter of Dragon Ball Super will end with a grand tournament!

Another possibility could be that he has something to with the Dragon God Zarama and might influence the wish. Akira Toriyama did say that he is going to introduce a brand new universe, so Zarama and Zeno might have something to do with that.

However, I am still confused if Zeno sama is strong combat-wise or if they will portray him like that or not. Because if he is portrayed as someone who is strong, that sets up a new level higher than Whis, which is yet to be surpassed by Goku and Vegeta. Actually, the upcoming episodes might be very informative in revealing the status of these gods. Like, Zeno is the god of everything. Then Beerus is the god of destruction. Then where does Whis belong specifically? If you noticed Whis and Vados didn’t react the same terrifying way Beerus and Champa reacted seeing him. So that’s also interesting. Maybe Zeno is the one who really appoints the god of destruction or gives the seal of approval. Whatever it is for confirmation we'll have to wait for the episode to come out!

Do comment your opinion down below and let me know what you think is going to happen!



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