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Looks like we'll be waiting a lot longer for the final Maze Runner movie than we thought.

After Dylan O’Brien’s unfortunate accident on set of The Death Cure on March 17th, which led to him being severely injured, it's no surprise that the production of the movie is being pushed back, however that’s not to say it still isn't upsetting.

Filming of the Death Cure was supposed to resume on May 15th after Dylan had got some rest. Sadly Dylan’s injuries are more serious than we believed them to be. It was first reported that Dylan had fell from a set and injured his face and also had a concussion, however now it turns out Dylan had suffered lacerations and his facial fracture is more serious than it was first made out to be.

On April 9th, it was revealed that Dylan was making a full recovery, and he was back home with his family, but Dylan’s publicist Jennifer Allen released a statement saying

"His injuries are very serious, and he needs more time to recover."

The Death Cure was originally set to release on February 17th 2017, although a new release date has yet to be revealed Fox released a statement saying production has been postponed.

"The resumption of principal photography on Maze Runner: The Death Cure has been further delayed to allow Dylan O’Brien more time to fully recover from his injuries. We wish Dylan a speedy recovery and look forward to restarting production as soon as possible."

Although production is halted, the movie is definitely NOT being put off permanently. Author of The Maze Runner, James Dashner took to Twitter to reassure fans about the movie, and Dylan.

It's probably best for Dylan that production has been postponed since The Death Cure is an action packed movie and it's gonna be some time before he'll be ready to do such strenuous stunts again.

"Our main goal is to make sure Dylan gets better. Soon as he's healed and ready to go we're gonna be right back on it filming Maze Runner 3." - Dexter Darden

The good news is this gives TMR book fans more time to prepare for page 250 to come to life, more importantly it gives Dylan more time to rest and recuperate, which is something he is in dire need of. After all, starring in both a film franchise and a hit TV series must be exhausting.

The new release of The Maze Runner 3 depends on Dylan O'Brien's recovery, which we hope will be a speedy one, and not just because we are eagerly awaiting The Death Cure movie.

Once Dylan is back on his feet, and the cast and crew are back on set, we can expect to see another amazing film, and a great ending for the Maze Runner Movie saga.


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