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Sex is no stranger to video games. With some games incorporating hot and steamy sex scenes for their lucky players. A lot of the times however, this does not come for free. Brothels can be found in many games, in many different forms. Only some games though, actually let the players engage with the hookers inside.

From game to game the costs vary on how much a lady of night will cost you. I decided to investigate which game offered the cheapest sex-thrills for your character.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Finding a prostitute is easy in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Brothels are located on the map as little love hearts - obviously right? There are 12 whore houses in Novigrad with names of the Brothels including 'Passiflora' and 'Crippled Kates'.

In-game cost: 20 Novigradian Crowns

Conversion Rate: While it is impossible to guess accurately how many crowns equal $1 USD, I can completely guess. While researching the value of the Novigradian Crown I discovered that you can buy them online for 300 rubels. At the current exchange rate 300 rubels = $4.6 USD. Making 20 crowns $92 USD

Total Cost: $92 USD

Grand Theft Auto V

The use of prostitutes in Grand Theft Auto has become a controversial talking point. Yet another reason to not let kids play it, and a way for the mummy brigade to slam games. Found on street corners around the city technically you could say they are free as it is extremely easy to kill them and get your money back when you are done.

In-game cost: While $50 yields a blow job, $70 is what is needed to get the hooker all wet and messy on top of you.

Conversion rate: Based in present day America, $1 in GTA would most likely equal $1 USD

Total Cost: $70 USD

Fallout 3

While there are many prostitutes scattered around the wasteland, the only one I managed to interact sexually with was Nova. She's located in Moriarty's Saloon -so long as Colin Moriarty is alive and you didn't blow Megaton up.

In-game cost: Nova doesn't come cheap at 120 caps. Sure, she chucks in a room for the night, however she won't bang you up against a wall in a hallway so there is no cheaper option.

Conversion rate: By comparing the price of gold bars in Fallout New Vegas vs real life gold bars, one gamer had come up with a conversion rate of $1USD = .69 caps. (source gamefaqs).

Total Cost : $82.80

Dragon Age 2

Located in Hightown, The Blooming Rose is a very fine establishment in Dragon Age II offering a range of services. For 50 silver, someone may touch your briefly, 1 sovereign for a standard service and 2 sovereigns for a premium service. I'm not a high roller, so a standard service will do.

In-game cost: 1 Sovereign

Conversion rate: The maths is starting to get harder with this one. Firstly 100 copper = 1 silver and 100 silver = 1 gold (or sovereign). While trying to find an item we still buy today, I stumbled across playing cards. In the game, they are worth 3 copper. In America they are worth around $1 USD. Therefore we can guesstimate that 1 copper = $0.5 USD. So if a sovereign is 10,000 coppers then a prostitute costs $5,000 USD. That's some gold plated pussy right there.

Total cost: $5,000 USD? Math is hard.


Risen takes brothels to the next step. Instead of being a side event which you can choose to completely ignore, this game has incorporated hiring a hoe into a game quest. Simply talk to Madam Sonya and she will give you Olga for the night, after which you will even receive a Scroll for your efforts!

In-game cost: 50 gold

Conversion rate: I found this one the hardest to gauge. Eventually I decided to use the cost of grog in Risen 2:Dark Waters which is 10 gold. Looking around it seems that a beer in America is around $5 at the pub. Thus, 1 gold = 0.5 USD. This makes a night with Olga worth 5 beers, or $25 USD. I shouldn't say that this is impossibly cheap as lets be honest, if someone bought be 5 beers at a bar I think I'd be very obliging.

Total cost: $25 USD

Bad math aside, The hookers in Risen are by far the cheapest in the land. While Fallout 3, GTA V and The Witcher: Wild Hunt pay their ladies a very reasonable price in terms of modern prostitution standard (or so I've heard...). The most expensive ladies to lay with seem to be the ladies of Thedas, in Dragon Age II. So expensive in fact, that even i would consider a career change for that sort of moolah.

Have I missed your favourite gaming girl of the night? Let me know!


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