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Prince is one of the most legendary musicians of all time. He is more iconic than Michael Jackson because he made music that crossed all boundaries of race and color, he didn’t get into any trouble with the law, and he was genuinely a good person and stayed true to his art. Anybody could dance to his music, whether you had rhythm or not! To dance to Michael Jackson’s music, you had to practically know how to dance like Michael.

Prince was so awesome because he fought for the rights to his music to stay his, he did things his own way, and he didn’t take no for an answer. Prince is the only male musician who made wearing heels look cool. Despite his short stature, he was larger than life and became a world renown superstar, loved by millions in life and in death.

Prince and Jimmy Fallon

I want to focus on how he brought joy and laughter to the world when he graced us with his presence so I’m gonna start this off with a hilarious clip of an interaction between Jimmy Fallon and Prince. He was definitely a goofy and competitive person who loved to live life to the fullest, play, and have fun. He may have seemed larger than life, but he was a regular person like you and me. He was a charming, hilarious, and down to earth man who just happened to master all genres of almost every kind of music: pop, rock, R&B, and soul! As he mastered his craft throughout the years, he created the most bad-ass, beautiful, rock filled, funky, and dramatic songs of all time. Let me introduce you to five of these songs that changed the lives of millions and will continue to do so for years to come.

Purple Rain

According to, the movie, Purple Rain, was about a young man named the Kid, played by Prince, who was a Minneapolis musician on the rise with his band, The Revolution. Through his music, he was able to escape his horrendous home life. Prince could closely relate to the Kid’s story because his parents were separated when he was young and he also had a troubled relationship with his stepfather, which caused him to run away from home. Eventually, Prince was adopted by a family named the Andersons. He and the son of the Andersons formed his first band together, but it was short-lived. Despite his crazy childhood, he was able to rise above it to become successful and do what he loved.

The Kid was determined not to make the same mistakes as his father so he tried his music in the club scene where he began a complicated relationship with a beautiful singer named Apollonia, played by Apollonia Kotero. Unfortunately, there was another musician named Morris (Morris Day) who wanted to destroy the Kid's career and take his girl. It was an amazing movie jam packed with incredible live music performed by Prince and the Revolution, dramatic love scenes, and heartbreaking scenes of the Kid trying to deal with his family issues. If you haven’t seen it, you are missing out on a classic 80s’ film!

According to Wikipedia, because of the Purple Rain soundtrack, Tipper Gore, Al Gore’s wife at the time, became outraged that her 11-year-old daughter was listening to a Prince song called “Darling Nikki” that was filled with sexual content about masturbation. As a result, she founded the Parents Resource Center in 1985 where Parental Advisory stickers were used to warn parents of adult content. This proves that Prince made such an impact with his music that the government had to get involved.

When Doves Cry

According to, during the 1984 filming of Purple Rain, he was told one day by director Albert Magnoli that the movie needed a montage song that was full of emotion. Prince responded with two songs the very next morning, written, produced, and recorded by him. One of the songs was the smash hit, “When Doves Cry.” He played every instrument in this song: drums, electric guitar, and keyboard synthesizer. When you heard that song in your parents' room, you knew not to come knocking on their door. This song personified Prince's genius as a writer, a musician, and singer because he was quick with his songwriting skills, made you feel every word he was singing, and you fell in love with the song as soon as you heard it. He was like no other.


Prince’s music touched people of all ages and surpassed the boundaries of color and race. In my hometown, in the 80s', rebellious teenagers, black and white, would drive down Jackson Street and blast this infectious song as loud as they could and sing along to it. It became a rite of passage for those who just received their driver’s license. His music gave them a sense of freedom and independence from traditional music of their parents. Prince proved that he was a man with true vision when he wrote this song because it came out in 1982, but he knew that people would freak out about the new millennium.

I Wanna Be Your Lover

According to Wikipedia, "I Wanna Be Your Lover" turned out to be his first successful single and first top 40 hit in December 1979 and peaking at number eleven on the Billboard Hot 100. It is a disco-pop song sung in Prince’s falsetto voice, detailing his love for a woman and how he would treat her better than the men she is with, and frustration that she thinks of him as “a child.”

Prince promoted the song by lip-synching it with his band on The Midnight Special and American Bandstand, where he gave host Dick Clark an awkward interview, answering his questions with one-word answers. Prince claimed to be 19 but he was actually 21 at the time. Clark later said, “That was one of the most difficult interviews I’ve ever conducted, and I’ve done 10,000 musician interviews.”

Little Red Corvette

According to Wikipedia, in the song, Prince narrates a one night stand with a beautiful but promiscuous woman. Although he enjoys the experience, he urges her to slow down and find a love that’s gonna last before she destroys herself. He uses several other automobile metaphors, for example, comparing their lovemaking to a ride in a limo.

My mom told me a story about when she went to a Prince concert as a teenage before he became really famous. She and her cousins were really excited to see him perform live. There were other acts that night, but all she could remember was dancing and singing along to Prince’s amazing performance. After the show, she waited in line to shake Prince’s hand and get his autograph, but her cousin was tired of waiting and wanted to go home. They were almost there, but she was forced to go home because her cousin was her ride. To this day, she is still angry at her cousin for that night where she missed the chance to meet Prince. She told me that if she was able to shake his hand, she would never wash her hand again. Her hand would be black as tar to this day. My mom is hilarious! At least she was able to see Prince perform. I never will, but I digress. I was just so happy to be able to see and hear the excitement in my mom’s voice when she was telling me the story of how she almost met Prince in his prime.

Prince touched so many lives with his music, his philanthropy, and his personality gave joy and laughter to everyone around him. There are numerous amazing stories people can tell about when they met Prince. He had a hand in various artists’ careers and built the foundation for what music is today. Without Prince, a lot of music today wouldn’t even exist! He was an incredible artist, visionary, genius, mentor, and friend to all who met him. He lived and breathed through his music, but he will never die because his music lives on in all of our hearts. Long live Prince.


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