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After only six months of working on the upcoming Flash movie for Warner Bros. director Seth Grahame-Smith has quit the movie over creative differences.

This is a similar situation to what we had with Edgar Wright in 2014. In that case, Wright wanted to make an Ant-man movie just by itself, while Marvel wanted a movie that takes place in the Avengers universe.

If I had to guess I would say that Grahame-Smith also wanted to make a movie that didn't have as much with the DC cinematic universe as Warner Bros. would've wanted.

But it might have been an issue with the tone

We have seen the kind of tone that Warner Bros. want their universe to have with 'Man of Steel' and the recent 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'. They're going for a very dark tone to contrast Marvel's usual light-hearted and jokey universe.

It was recently reported that the cast and crew of this summer's 'Suicide Squad' had started doing re-shoots. It's been said that they're doing this to make the movie funnier and insert more jokes. There were some jokes in 'BvS' but due to the dark tone of the entire movie, the jokes came off as wodden and forced.

Flash is a funny character and we've seen it work well on the CW show 'The Flash'. Seth Grahame-Smith might have wanted to make a funny and jokey movie in the tone of the comics while Warner Bros. wanted to make a dark movie that fits into the DC cinematic universe.

Who could take over?

After Edgar Wright exited Ant-Man, Peyton Reed took over and made a wonderful movie with the bits and pieces left behind by Wright. Who could take over after Grahame-Smith.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller

These two were are not very likely to direct the film but I think they would've done a fantastic job. Thye were set to write the film but that's not the case anymore. These two have proven that they can handle action and comedy at the same time with '21 Jump Street' and '22 Jump Street'.

But right now, the directors are in pre-production for the upcoming Han Solo Anthology Movie. The Solo solo movie if you will. That will be coming out May 25th 2018.

Edgar Wright

This is not very likely either. Wright is currently filming his film 'Baby Driver' which will come out March 17th 2017. Jumping straight from that into a pre-production for a new movie might be difficult. Then filming and post-production would have to happen very quickly which might end up pushing the film to a later date which will upset fans.

But Wright might have the same problem with Warner Bros. as Grahame-Smith. Wright will probably want to make a funny and light-hearted movie while Warner Bros. wants a dark film. It would just be Ant-Man all over again.

Brad Bird

Okay, so last years Tomorrowland was really that great as a whole, but the first two acts were fantastic. We've seen Bird handle action well in 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol' and he has of course directed many animated films like 'The Incredibles', 'Ratatouille' and 'The Iron Giant'. Bird might be a perfect choice to direct a a 'Flash' movie.

Jon Favreau

This is the man that kicked off the entire MCU with Iron Man. He can direct action and comedy perfectly together and could also be a really good choice for director. His most recent film 'The Jungle Book' based on Rudyard Kipling's classic book was recieved with much praise from both fans and critics alike.

What do you think? Who should direct the upcoming Flash movie?


Who should direct the upcoming Flash movie?


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