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The wait is over! [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) is finally here and with a bang I might say. The superhero-packed Marvel Studios film's critic reviews and fan reception so far suggest that the film is one of the most entertaining and impressive comic book movies to grace the big screen so far.

However, what really makes Civil War great?! Here are 5 things which I believe prove that the movie is worthy of fans' high expectations and obviously if you still haven't seen the film there will be SPOILERS AHEAD:

1. A superhero clash of an unseen magnitude!

Civil War features the biggest superhero ensemble cast of any Marvel Studios film to date, and after seeing the film, I can declare that no MCU film (even The Avengers) feels like it's operating on such a grand scale and with such high intensity.

In other words, this film features most of the characters and specifics which have made Marvel great, pitting them against each other, while perfectly introducing some new faces (which bring us to my next point).

2. New additions

Back by popular demand, Spider-Man simply couldn't stay way from the silver screen for long. This time, however the character is even cooler, quirkier and more dim-witted that before. This is all owed to the marvelous performance of Tom Holland who I believe is the best on screen Spider-Man to date. Somehow, it feels a lot more believable to see a 19-year old playing the character rather than an actor who is close to his 30s, eh?

On the other hand, Chadwick Boseman also excels in the role of Black Panther. He add a sense of mystery and exotic to the film, but he also has impressive character development, proving that he is not simply a warrior but also a worthy king realizing that revenge only leads to even more destruction, chaos and death.

3. Balancing everyone's screen time

It is often difficult with blockbuster movies that feature a massive cast to find the right balance between main and supporting characters and do not leave out the latter.

Yet, Civil War certainly does not have this problem with characters such as Vision, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Sharon Carter and especially Ant-Man (his scenes were particularly memorable) all making an impact and playing an important part in the storyline, while not being simply shoehorned in the plot.

4. Civil War makes it incredibly difficult to pick a side!

Before seeing the film, I was definitely on Team Cap's side, empathizing with his struggles to fit in the modern world and rooting for him to save and reunite with his friend Bucky Barnes.

Nevertheless, while watching the film I could also get behind Tony Stark's motives, his sense of danger and his decision making process. Moreover, it's hard not to feel for Stark when he finds the truth about his parents' deaths; I've always thought that Iron Man was often portrayed as a one dimensional character, yet, in Civil War, he displays emotional depth and moral doubts which have altered my view of the character.

Bottom line is the movie makes you feel like you agree and disagree with both Iron Man and Captain America on some of their judgements and it's really difficult to determine who is actually right in this argument.

5. The airport scene

Arguably the greatest battle sequence we've ever seen in a superhero movie so far, the Civil War airport scene masterfully combines impressive choreography and beautiful cinematography with snappy dialogue.

Running for about 15 minutes, this scene, includes a variety of superhero clashes and unexpected turns of events all surrounded by an entertaining fast-paced action.

In conclusion, although, Marvel: Civil War is far from a perfect film, it's still extremely enjoyable and well-worth seeing. In spite of its main drawbacks (Zemo, being repetitive at times, the final battle sequence), I believe that the Russos have done an unbelievable job and injected some much needed fresh blood into the MCU!

What is your opinion of Captain America: Civil War?


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