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The Flash might have revealed one of the biggest mysteries of Season 2 by revealing the true identity of Zoom, a couple of months back. But one mystery still remains.

Who's the man in the iron mask?

Last week's episode of The Flash titled "Versus Zoom", introduced Hunter Zolomon's father. In the flashback scene of that episode, we saw his father's dressing sense was similar to that of Jay's which led many to believe that he could be the real Jay Garrick and he's the man under that iron mask.

While those people were right about one thing, the fact that it's Jay Garrick, they were wrong to assume that it's Zoom's father. Why, you ask? Well, because his hair is brunette and not blonde.

Those of you have read my previous article about the identity of the man in the iron mask, will know this. For those of you, who haven't, let me explain. In the 14th episode, "Escape From Earth 2" if you notice carefully enough, you'll get to see the back of the man's head and that he has blonde hair.

I have a read quite a few articles saying that it's Ronnie or Earth 2 Wally West. Well, this rules out them as well. The only characters that we know who are blonde on The Flash are Hunter Zolomon, Eddie Thawne, Henry Allen and Eobard Thawne.

Now, it definitely can't be Eobard Thawne from Earth 1 and we don't know whether Eorbard Thawne exists on Earth 2 or whether he's a speedster, because if he isn't one he possibly couldn't have travelled back in time. Rick Cosnett, the actor who played Eddie on The Flash is now a series regular on ABC's Quantico. So, him being on two different shows at the same time, will be impossible to pull off.

Now, let's get to Henry Allen. Earth 2 Henry Allen was already at Atlantis with his wife, Nora at the same time that the man under the iron mask was at Zoom's lair. Earth 1 Henry Allen could have been a possibility, specially after he just vanished from Barry's life. But the episode for the next week's episode pretty much confirms that he's safe and well and on Earth 1.

So, that leaves us with, Teddy Sears. Teddy Sears started off the season as Jay Garrick and then became Hunter Zolomon a.k.a. Zoom. So, the man under the iron mask has to be Teddy Sears as Jay Garrick.

Yup! Teddy Sears is Hunter Zolomon. And he's also Jay Garrick.

Why the man in the iron mask is Jay Garrick:

Jay Garrick definitely exists on Earth-2 and Harry Wells has pretty much confirmed that on a number of occassions. And we have also seen that Teddy Sears is Jay on Earth 2. Unlike Barry, Jay doesn't wear a mask. Everyone can see his face when he's fighting crimes. In the second episode of the season, we saw Jay Garrick going up against Sand Demon and we saw him recognize Jay. This means that Jay has faced-off against Sand Demon before back on their Earth.

If Hunter Zolomon had been pretending to be Jay Garrick back on Earth 2, why would he waste time dressing up like Jay and fighting criminals. And no, Earth 2 Jay Garrick wasn't that earlier version of Hunter that Zoom sent on Earth 1 to pretend to be Jay. Because that Hunter didn't have his speed. But Jay Garrick had his speed back on Earth 2 and people have seen him fighting against Zoom. So it can't be the present Hunter Zolomon because both of them had their speeds.

Jay Garrick being the man in the iron mask would also explain how the pretend Jay Garrick got his hands on his costume and also explain why he was tapping "J-A-Y". He was trying to tell Barry and Jesse that he is the real Jay Garrick.

Let us know what you think. Do you think it's Jay Garrick and that Teddy Sears is also playing that character?

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