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UPDATE: As of Sunday, May 1st, Activision has released two teasers, both available below. This article was originally posted April 30th.

Teaser #2

On April 30, Call of Duty's Twitter page posted this teaser for the upcoming Infinite Warfare.

It seems to confirm that the next game will be set in space, and the tone suggests that the player will be fighting with or against insurrectionists from other planets, who have banded together to form the "Settlement Defense Front". It also includes the mysterious message also visible at the end of matches on the popular map "Nuketown" in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

This seems to confirm various "leaks" that have occurred over the past few days, primarily on Reddit. Not only did they come up with the original PlayStation image, they have here a surprisingly good quality piece of Canadian promotional material for the upcoming game.

It's important to note that it seemingly confirms the remastering of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which has long been speculated by fans. Of course, the game's official Twitter page seems to be a bit in-the-know about these "leaks". Take a look at their response to a two year old post.

Though we still don't have an official announcement yet, expect it within a weeks or two, probably confirming every last thing that has dripped out through the internet's pipes.


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