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While the Underworld franchise can’t claim that it has won the praise of its critics over the years, it sure can say that it has one hell of a devoted fan base, which has been yearning for the return of Selene, and more Death Dealer and Lycan action since 2012s Underworld: Awakening. While there has been plenty of rumors circulating about everything from potential sequels to a television spin-off since 2012, we finally have confirmation that the fifth installment in the franchise will be titled Underworld: Blood Wars, and that film is slated for an October release for later this year, special effects artist Anna Foerster taking the helm in her directorial film debut. With so much information suddenly being made public, we have surprisingly heard next to nothing about what the plot to the next instalment will entail, which means we get to do our favorite thing, which is to speculate, so without further a-do, today we take a look at what could be next for Selene in the upcoming Underworld: Blood Wars.

David and the Next Generation

While the first working title for the fifth installment had originally been Underworld: Next Generation, and was likely to shift focus from Selene to Theo James’s young vampire David, we still can’t count him out as a central player in the next chapter of Underworld. David is essentially the male equivalent to Selene, and has a fantastic screen presence that many of the supporting characters throughout the series have lacked. As for the “next generation”, we are likely to see a new coven of vampires emerge, made up of a more younger and vibrant breed. In fact, with so many vampires having been killed in the mass extinction that kicks off Awakening, Selene and David searching for the next generation in an effort to rebuild their coven, would be a good starting point, especially if Blood Wars is truly looking to reboot the franchise.

Michael Corvin, A Central Plot Point

Throughout Awakening, we are led to believe that Selene’s love Michael Corvin, the vampire lycan hybrid, is long dead, but in the final minutes of the film we learn that he is at least alive, as seen through a vision of him escaping. While a reunion between Selene and Michael is not very foreseeable, at least until the end of the fifth installment, you could likely make a safe bet that Michael will turn up and be central to the main plot. Our best guess is that whatever happened to him during the twelve years that he and Selene were held captive, likely left him without a memory and no recollection of his life before his capture, or his relationship with Selene. Also the fact that he is one of the only two hybrids alive, will make him a probable target for whoever the new antagonist is, Lycan or human. However you anticipate the next film, the triumphant return of Michael Corvin has great potential to really drive the next chapter.

The Villains, More Lycans and Less Humans

Adding humans into the mix as another enemy to contend with was an interesting angle for Awakening to take, but as we saw their role was short lived, and the Lycans were again the ultimate enemies for Selene and the death dealers in Awakeming. If our predictions to this point are correct, then we are likely to see a new generation of Lycans rising alongside the vampire coven. Recent rumors have been confirmed that television’s breakout star Bradley James has been cast to star opposite of Selene and David as the primary antagonist, while a score of other relatively unknown actors have been cast in similar roles as part of the Lycan resurgence. The way we see it if Underworld wants to step up their game, and maybe even reboot the franchise, then the Lycan army will need to be different, so expect an evolved type of creature to usher in the new era for the film series. The enhanced Lycan from Awakening was something new, and it would be fantastic to see more steps in the direction to create a truley terrifying and dangerous Lycan creature.

More Eve

One of the aspects that gave Underworld more depth throughout the bloody saga was Selene and Michael’s chemistry and relationship, which added an extra layer of of emotion to their respective characters. Although Michael’s absence was dually noted in Awakening, we were not without a character to provide an emotional tie to Selene, and instead we were introduced to Selene and Michael’s daughter Eve. Unfortunately by the time we became invested in Eve’s story arc and relationship with Selene, she was captured, and was only allotted one truly emotional scene during a post blood bath reunion where she utters the words “You came back,” as her and Selene embrace. Although an appearance from the character has yet to be announced, it is undoubted that she will return. Not only would her not returning open a major plot hole from the beginning of the film, but it would remove the emotional ties that make Selene more than a cold blooded hunter. If anything Blood Wars will capitalize on Eve’s presence and make her central to the plot with her not only being part of the “next generation”, but by also focusing on her new relationship with Selene, and her predictably uncontrollable powers.


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