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If you were a member of the "couldn't drive quite yet so TGIF on ABC it is!" club back in the 90's, then you're gonna love this! I can't remember a TV lineup much better than what came on Friday nights, and then Saturday morning cartoons. Unless of course you had outgrown the 'toons, then it was sleeping in till noon and fishing the rest of the day.

In 1991, in the middle of Family Matters, Dinosaurs and Perfect Strangers, Step by Step started up on Fridays and Full House moved to Tuesdays. We met the Lamberts and the Fosters, and their Brady Bunch-like family of 3 kids each. By the 2nd episode, you knew it was going to be a hit when none other than Steve Urkel crash-lands in their yard. Turns out, he was geeky Mark's science fair partner, and he ended up teaching Al how to "Do the Urkel." I'm telling you baby, it's better than Elvis!

Here's the ultra-sweet intro song before we get to the stars:

So what do the Fosters and Lamberts look like now?

Patrick Duffy

Frank Lambert

Bobby Ewing is still in the game, making the occasional appearance in TV shows and movies, the biggest and most recent was back in his Dallas boots.

Brandon Call

J.T. Lambert

The slacker of the bunch, J.T. was Frank's oldest son. Academically challenged (later attributed to dyslexia), he doesn't get a long with smarty pants Dana at all. Along with Christopher Castile, his acting career seemingly ended with Step by Step.

Christine Lakin

Al Lambert

She was Frank's only daughter, and her real name is Alicia, but being around 3 males for so long probably helped her turn into the tomboy she was in the show. In the last season of the show, she pursues acting. In real life, she also kept right on truckin', starring in gobs of shows and movies, and voicing many video game characters, including Jane on The Walking Dead: The Game - Season 2! And she's quite the she can just keep right on acting!

Josh Byrne

Brendan Lambert

Another one of the "Step by Step & Done" group, Josh starred in the show from when he was 7 until he was 13, but never showed back up in anything notable after the show ended, unless you count what appears to be renaissance fairs.

Sasha Mitchell

Cody Lambert

Cody was Frank's rad nephew dude and driveway van inhabitant, and made it a whole 5 seasons before being cut from the show. Back in the good ole days, you see, actors and actresses couldn't beat their spouses and keep their jobs. Now, they not only keep them, they get more offers than ever! But, it turned out to be a false accusations, and almost ruined his career. He came back in one episode in the final season as a guest star, so it appears all things were patched up. He's actually been pretty busy the last couple of years, starring in a few movies here and there, including Kickboxer 2, 3 and 4. He still looks like a fun-loving Cody, though! Just with way WAY more muscles!

Suzanne Somers

Carol Foster

A perfect example of the immortal celebrity, her face is instantly recognizable to so many, especially us kids of the 80's and 90's. Her last big appearance was in 2015 on Dancing with the Stars, but other than that, she hasn't popped up too much on our boob tubes lately.

Staci Keanan

Dana Foster

I was never the biggest fan of Staci's Dana, but luh-luh-look at her now! She last appeared in the mockumentary Lovin' Lakin, a miniseries about her TV stepsister Christine Lakin's return to Hollywood.

Angela Watson

Karen Foster

Carol's second oldest daughter was the aspiring model and country singer of the Foster Family, but could be a pretty big ditz. She had two appearances after Step by Step ended, according to IMDB, and has pretty much stayed completely out of the limelight. But she still looks like Karen!

Christopher Castile

Mark Foster

The youngest, boy-est and nerdiest of the Fosters, his last acting credit was Step by Step. He had quite a few roles during his SbS heyday, starring in 2 Beethoven movies, but like many of his former co-stars, has disappeared from the limelight.

I'm thinking it's about time for a Step by Step reunion...who's with me!


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