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[SPOILER WARNING: Episode 'La Dame Blanche' of Outlander is discussed here. Turn back if you don't want it to be spoiled for you]

Well, well...what a commotion!

brought schemes and deceit into play in 'La Dame Blanche', with a pretty broken-hearted Prince Charlie as a twist. After Claire was supposedly poisoned by Comte San Germain early in the episode, the Frasers had an unexpected visitor in the middle of the night that offered them a game changing opportunity. And change the game it did, though one would suspect not in the way Claire and Jamie had foreseen.

Out of quite a busy episode, here are the top moments of Outlander this week.

Bitten By A Monkey

Prince Charles at the dinner
Prince Charles at the dinner

That's right.
If you've been watching Outlander this season, you've probably noticed that Claire's friend, Louise, has a monkey for a pet. Turns out, the animal is the key that helps Claire figure out that Louise and Prince Charles are lovers.

Louise tells Claire that she's with child and, though Louise reveals it's her lover's, she keeps the identity of the man hidden. It's only when Bonnie Charlie comes knocking on Jamie's window in the dead of night, that the secret is out in the open. Charlie was bitten by Louise's monkey and so the Frasers come to the conclusion that Charles's affair with Louise might be used against him.

They host a dinner party inviting the Prince, Louise and the Duke of Sandringham. Since the Duke is financially supporting Charles, Jamie intends for the Duke to get to know the real Prince he's been supporting. Throughout dinner, Charlies does make a fool of himself - on a few occasions at least - but it is unclear whether Sandringham has changed his opinion of the Prince or not.

Jamie Finally Finds His Way Back To Claire

It took him long enough - and some yet unexplained bite marks on his thigh - but it seems Jamie is ready to come back to life. After Claire tells him that Black Jack is in fact still alive, Jamie feels rather joyful in the knowledge he can be the one to kill Black Jack.

He opens up to Claire about his emotional turmoil after what Black Jack did to him back in Wentworth Prison, saying he was stripped bare by the violence he endured. In a beautiful moment, Claire reaches out to him and Jamie finds his way back to her arms. Apart from the intimate scenes in 'The Wedding' episode last season, this was probably the second truly justified Claire/Jamie sex scene, and watching it I was really happy that the actors - Caitriona and Sam - fought hard to keep this scene from being cut. We all needed to see their connection re-kindled and we got to in a most magical way.

La Dame Blanche

Claire and Mary Hawkings
Claire and Mary Hawkings

Season 2 has been anything but predictable, even if you've read the book. Because the timeline of the series is rather different from the book, the events come in a seemingly random order. Such thing happened this episode with Mary Hawkins's rape, which in the book takes a while longer to happen.

Murtagh, Claire and Mary are assaulted as they walk back to the Frasers home, since their carriage was sabotaged. Murtagh is knocked unconscious, while Mary is raped, with Claire only managing to escape because one of the assailants recognizes her as the Dame Blanche. If you're a book reader, you'll be familiar with the term, but for the TV fans Claire's new 'title' was left unaddressed. Probably something that will be relayed in later episodes, when she'll actually own the nickname for herself.

Mary is taken to the Fraser home and left at the care of Alexander Randall, who she's apparently in love with, despite being engaged to an older French man. As the dinner procedes, with San Germain himself as an unexpected guest, Mary wakes up and tries to escape Alex Randall, since she's been under heavy sedatives. All hell breaks loose when dinner is interrupted by her screams and, as Jamie comes to her rescue, so do her father and her fiance, who were also among the guests.

The episode ends in the fight that Murtagh and Jamie have with Mary's men, but not before we see Prince Charlie leaving with the Comte San Germain. Not that anyone is keeping score, but if he continues to get the upper-hand, Claire and Jamie will have more than the Jacobite rebellion to worry about.

Next week will bring an old nemesis and a big choice for Claire.

Outlander airs every Saturday on Starz.


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