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Captain America, The First Avenger

A super-solider created to fight against the Axis powers during World War II, Captain America has been a prominent member, not only in multiple teams within the Marvel universe, but as a key character that helped bring Marvel to what it is today.

He is also the first Marvel Character to break off and have his own film in 1944, and today has become one of most well-known and popular comic characters of all time.

Birth of a hero

Steven Rogers, the man who would eventually become Captain America, was a tall, but scrawny student before America became involved in World War II. Rogers attempts multiple times to enlist in the army to fight, but because of his physical status, he is rejected every time. Because of Roger's resolve to serve his country, even though no one believes his body is strong enough to survive, he attracts the attention of U.S Army General Chester Phillips and becomes a test subject in Project: Rebirth.

The purpose of the project was to successfully create the world's first super-soldier through the use of a serum created by Abraham Erskine. the experiment proved to be a success as Rogers was transformed in the perfect being, with the strength, stamina and other physical qualities to match. Erskine failed to document the details of the steps he took to create the serum and was killed by Heinz Kruger, a Nazi spy. Roger would later go on to avenge Erskine's death.

Rogers before and after the experiment
Rogers before and after the experiment

In the aftermath of Project: Rebirth, the government cast Rogers as a patriotic superhero, supplied with his own uniform, shield, sidearm and the code name Captain America. Rogers also acted as a counter to the growing menace known as the Red Skull. During this time, Roger's identity has the super-soldier was kept a secret, and acts as a clumsy infantry private while at Camp Lehigh. While there, Rogers meets James "Bucky" Barnes, the latter whom discovers Roger's secret identity and becomes his sidekick.

After receiving his traditional vibranum shield from President Roosevelt, both Rogers and Bucky continued on their adventures against the Nazis on their own and as part of the team known as the Invaders, which consisted of both Rogers, Bucky, the original android Human Torch Jim Hammond, his sidekick Toro, and Namor the Sub-Mariner. Rogers also fights in a number of battles as a member of the 26th Infantry Regiment known as the "Blue Spaders".

During the ending days of WWII, both Rogers and Bucky were engaging Baron Heinrich Zemo, father of Rogers' later villain Hemult Zemo, and were attempting to destroy the latter's experimental drone plane. The plane was loaded with explosives, and while the pair were able to reached the plane before it took off. The bomb went off in mid-air, seemly killing Bucky, and sending Rogers into the North Atlantic. Both men were believed to be dead, but this would later be proven false.

After WWII adventures

Rogers would return to action, changing from his traditional WWII era persona into fighting the newest enemy, Communism. While Rogers's adventures during this time period was short-lived, it also served as a way for Marvel to include other men who taken up the Captain America name during Roger's absent, including William Naslund and Jeffrey Mace.

Two other characters were added during this time as flawed copies of both Rogers and Bucky, named William Burnside and James Monroe. Both men would become paranoid and terrorizing people they believed to be communist during the height of the Red Scare. The government forced both of them into cryogenic storage until they could be cure. Monroe would be cured and takes up a new identity as the third Nomad.

Joining the Avengers

Rogers would later be founded by the Avengers after his body is discovered to be frozen in the North Atlantic, and later decides to join the team, with both his experience and time as a member of the Invaders making him an invaluable member. Rogers would become the leader of the Avengers, and even though he has left the team on different occasions, he would normally regain his position when returning to the team.

Captain America discovered by the Avengers
Captain America discovered by the Avengers

Rogers trains another youth named Rick Jones, who is better known as the hero A-Bomb, even though he still feels some guilt over Bucky's death years earlier. After the Red Skull impersonates Rogers and drives Jones away, Rogers reunites with Nick Fury and begins working for S.H.I.E.L.D. and would go on to meet Sharon Carter, whom he begins a relationship with.

Roger meets Sam Wilson and trains him to eventually becoming the superhero the Falcon, who is regarded as the first African-American superhero in mainstream comics. The two would eventually gain a working partner ship as Captain America and the Falcon. After the real-life Watergate scandal, Rogers begins to question his role and the government, eventually dropping the Captain America title and later takes up the role as the first Nomad.

Rogers decides later on that instead of Captain America being a symbol of the government, it should be a symbol of American ideals and later takes back the title, and states that he is loyal to nothing except for the America Dream.

9/11 and the Civil War

Roger reveals his secret identity to the world after the 9/11 attacks, and following the disbandment of the Avengers, Roger begins working for S.H.I.E.L.D. again. He discovers that his old friend, Bucky Barnes, survived and has be kept under the control of the Soviets as the Winter Soldier. During a massive breakout at the Raft, both Rogers and Tony Stark, knowns as the superhero Iron Man, reform a new team of Avengers to hunt down the escapees.

During the Civil War storyline, Roger openly opposes the registration act, and leads the underground movement opposing the new law. Roger's team fights against Stark's team, the one who are for the registration act, and after a large public clash, Rogers voluntarily surrenders to end the fighting.

Rogers would be indicted on charge because of his efforts, and as he is leaving the courthouse, is shot by a sniper, later revealed to be the mercenary Crossbones, who is working for the Red Skull, and the final blow would be dealt by Roger's on-and-off again girlfriend, Sharon Carter, under hypnosis of Dr. Faustus.

After Rogers's national funeral, Stark and other heroes took his body and buried him back where they found him in the Atlantic, with Namor swore to guard him. Stark receives a later from the late Rogers, asking him to let Bucky, now known as the Winter Soldier, to take up the role as the new Captain America, with the latter agreeing to do so later on.

It would later be revealed that Roger was not dead as the gun used by Sharon Carter was causing Rogers's body and mind to shift between space and time. The Red Skull would later take control of both Rogers's mind and body, but the hero would eventually regain control and defeats the Red Skull. After his return, Rogers gives his shield to Bucky, asking him to continue on as the New Captain America. Rogers would gain a government pardon for his actions during Civil War.

After Civil War

Rogers would become the 11th director of S.H.I.E.L.D. replacing Norman Osborne per the president's orders. Rogers would reassembled the Avengers, consisting of Iron Man, Thor, and Bucky. He would later becoming the leader of the Secret Avengers, a black-ops version of the original team.

After Bucky is killed by Skadi, Rogers returns to his Captain America persona, and along with the Avengers and New Avengers, fights Skadi and the Serpent, the latter whom breaks Rogers' shield with his bare hands. Rogers and the Avengers form a last minute militia to fight the Serpent's forces, and Rogers manages to use Thor's Hammer to fight Skadi, while Thor kills the Serpent. Iron Man rebuild Rogers' shield, and it is revealed that Rogers, Nick Fury and Natasha Romanoff, also known as Black Widow, known that Bucky survived his fight with Skadi and resumes his identity as Winter Soldier.

Avengers vs X-Men

Rogers attempts to apprehend Hope Summers, the next chosen vessel for the Phoenix Force as he believes the force to be too powerful to be contained by one person. Cyclops and the rest of the X-Men believe that the Phoenix Force will help their race survive and refuse Rogers' wishes. This results in both the Avengers and X-Men engaging in multiple battles, leading to the blue area of the moon.

While there, the Phoenix Force takes possession of the X-men present, leaving the Avengers at a huge disadvantage. The Phoenix Five, as they were now called, were eventually defeated and scattered, leading to Cyclops imprisonment for turning the world into a police state and killing Charles Xavier, which ironically proves Rogers right about the Phoenix Force being too much too be controlled. After this, Rogers created the Avengers Unity Squad, consisting of both Avengers and X-Men members.

Captain America with the Avengers Unity Division
Captain America with the Avengers Unity Division

Their first threat came in the form of a returning Red Skull in the form of a clone kept in stasis, and took over the body of Professor X, using it to provoke a mass amount of citizens to turn against mutants, forcing both Scarlet Witch and Rogue to allow themselves to be attacked. The Red Skull's action provided to be erratic, and after failing to fully control Rogers, Scarlet Witch and Rogue managed to free themselves from his control. With the combined might of the Uncanny Avengers, the Red Skull escapes but promises to return.

After fighting an enemy known as the Iron Nail, Rogers' super-soldier serum was neutralized, causing the hero to age rapidly to 90-years-old. While still mentally sharp, Rogers become the mission coordinator for the Avengers, naming Sam Wilson as his replacement as the new Captain America. After a miscasted spell from Scarlet Witch transformed a number of X-Men and Avengers into villains and transforming a number of villains into heroes, Rogers coordinated the new team of Spider-Man and the reformed villains, called the Astonishing Avengers, and donned his old uniform in order to fight the now inverted Falcon until both the heroes and villains affected were returned to normal by the inverted Red Skull, known as the White Skull.

The Avengers: Standoff!

Rogers learns that S.H.I.E.L.D created a gated community known as Pleasant Hill, a place used to transform villains into ordinary citizens through the use of Kobik. When Rogers arrives, he confronts Maria Hill about the project, only to be interrupted when both the Fixer and Helmut Zemo managed to restore the inmates to their original selfs.

Maria Hill is injured and after Rogers convinces Zemo to let Hill receive medical attention, he learned from Erik Selvig that Kobik is in the bowling alley. Rogers attempts to reason with Kobik, only to be attacked by Crossbones. Crossbones almost managed to kill Rogers, but Kobik uses her abilities and restores Rogers to his prime, allowing him to defeat Crossbones with Captain America (Sam Wilson) and Winter Solider catch up.

Captain America, outside the comics

Captain America was the first Marvel character to receive his own movie in 1944 titled Captain America, and as been portrayed in other numerous outlets over the years. Most recently, Captain America has been portrayed by Chris Evans in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, playing the character in the team ensemble films, Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron, and in the character's solo adventures, Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, which is set to be the final film in the Captain America trilogy.

Captain America and Winter Soldier side-by-side
Captain America and Winter Soldier side-by-side

Evans will reprise his role in both the Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and 2, which are the last two films Evans has left in his contract as the character, although he has stated his interest in playing the character in even more films beyond the ones remaining in his contract.

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