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Dragon Ball Super Episode 41 literally took Dragon Ball to new heights. The episode introduces us with the most powerful character of Dragon Ball till now the god of everything, the omni-king, Zeno sama. Also it includes the summoning of the Dragon God super shenlong.


The episode was extremely interesting and satisfying. In this episode we got to know how powerful Zeno sama truly is, we saw the Dragon God, came to know about the wish and a got clues to possible future plots. And the episode looks like as such that it was created to reply all the haters who have a hard time accepting the powers of the characters of Dragon Ball Universe.

Let’s just begin with the Omni-king Zeno sama. So if you have been wondering how powerful Zeno sama is. Beeerus explicitly mentioned that the omni-king can wipe out all 12 from existence in the blink of an eye if he feels like it.

So there you go haters! Say goodbye to your ‘No Dragon Ball Character Is Universal Level’ statement and whop that right up your ignorant ass. Because now the dragon ball universe have Zeno sama who can completely destroy 12 universes! 12 Universes! Effortlessly and instantly! Beerus’s explanation of Zeno’s power is certainly accurate. Otherwise Whis, Vados or the Kaio-shins would have corrected it.

Beerus says Zeno can destroy 12 universes DBS
Beerus says Zeno can destroy 12 universes DBS

However, here’s one more interesting thing for me. Yesterday I predicted in my episode 41 preview that Zeno sama came here because it goes against the godly rules to arrange some tournament ( since it will hamper their original job ) or something like this however he might also react positively to the tournament and might end up being the path to a 12 universal tournament.

And that is exactly what happened. So my predictions do have some value hah! I am not entirely wasting your time. So, I am assuming if we get a 12 universal tournament that will be either the last arc of Dragon Ball Super or one before the last. They will either end super with that grand tournament. Or something will happen there that will turn out to be a threat for all 12 universes. Now here’s one crazy prediction I am making without too many logic backing it up. That is Goku will save all 12 universe and will somehow acquire the same level of power Zeno Sama has. Because if you see the ending of Dragon Ball , Goku was the strongest character. Same case with Dragon Ball Z. And though you might argue the case is different here he is the god of everything. I am still throwing my gut feeling that they will end Super showing Goku and Vegeta as the highest forms of power unless they have plans to continue further. Again this is just my gut feeling and I completely understand if that sounds illogical to you.

The Seventh Super Dragon Ball
The Seventh Super Dragon Ball

then they summoned the Dragon God. And yeah like 99.99% of the people predicted the planet they were fighting on is the last Super Dragon Ball. So the Dragon God who is continuously referred as ‘Super Shenlong’ instead of ‘Zarama’ is summoned. He is gigantic and makes an epic entrance by eating up a planet namely planet Saturn. I’ll give the details on summary. So basically the Wish Beerus made should surprise us all. I didn’t see that coming. I once mentioned that Goku will make this exact same wish. But I never thought Beerus would do it. Beerus shows brotherly love to Champa in a truly godly manner as he wished the earth of universe 6 to be restored with food and all. Do I need to even tell you how awesome that was?

However, Bulma and others in the cube except for Whis didn’t know what he wished for as the wish was made in the language of gods. And Beerus didn’t let them know about his wish and told that he just wished for a comfier bed. But here’s one thing that bothers me anyway. Restoring earth isn’t that something even Purunga could do? Comment what you think about this.

So this episode is a build up for many upcoming plots. We got a lot of clues and Toriyama certainly gave TOEI enough materials to run Dragon Ball like forever. And it certainly confirms a long continuation of Dragon Ball Super since it has a 12 universe tournament coming. Think it of this way now TOEI has 12 universes in Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball universe can now last forever they can follow the Dragon Ball art and action style and keep making stories just like they want.

Dragon Ball Super Zeno Sama Is Not Omni
Dragon Ball Super Zeno Sama Is Not Omni

The episode 42 trailer was also interesting, we finally see Monaka sparring up with Goku. And he is rightfully wearing Mr. Satan belt. It looks like they are going to have a party it will be a refreshing episode and we get to see the showdown of Goku vs Monaka. The trailer also features Krillen using solar flare.

Since the subs are not yet out and many of you might have confusions with what happened in the episode. I am going to read out the translation done by Kanenzshuu with a bit of editing and deduction. You can check their site out.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 41 Summary by Kanenzshuu:

Beerus explains to Goku that their visitor is in fact the “Omni-King”, the person who stands at the pinnacle of the twelve universes. Whis notes that they shouldn’t just stand there looking at the Omni-King, and so Beerus and Champa rush down to formally greet him. Champa is so distracted by this unexpected turn of events that he seems to have completely forgotten about destroying his fighters

After a few formalities, the Omni-King explains that he came to chastise Beerus and Champa for neglecting their duties as God of Destruction and holding a tournament instead. Whis apologies on Beerus’ behalf, explaining how Beerus prefers napping and food over acts of destruction, and Vados claims Champa needs to cut back on his work in order to focus on eating a healthy diet. The Omni-King jokes about replacing them with some new Gods of Destruction, but then admits that despite initially coming to criticize them, he found the tournament so enjoyable that he wants to hold another one…featuring fighters from every universe!

Goku is thrilled at the idea, and tells Omni-King he’ll be sure to compete…but Beerus freaks out, saying that Goku can’t talk directly to Omni-King like that. However, Omni-King doesn’t mind this breach of etiquette, and compliments Goku on a well-fought match. He promises to hold this next tournament “soon”, and Goku reaches out to shake hands with Omni-King (freaking Beerus out once more). They shake hands, and Omni-King departs.

With Omni-King gone, Beerus chews Goku out for his rude behavior. If Omni-King felt like it, he could wipe out all twelve universes in the blink of an eye! Goku’s surprised to hear this, but notes that Omni-King didn’t seem like a bad guy, so he probably wouldn’t do something like that. Champa snidely remarks that Beerus’ victory doesn’t mean quite as much anymore. This tournament was really just a warm-up, and Omni-King’s tournament will be the main event! Still, Champa says a loss is a loss, and he’ll hand over his six Super Dragon Balls as promised…though he doubts they’ll be able to find the final one so easily.

Champa thinks Omni-King will probably be angry if the Universe 6 fighters aren’t present at his tournament, so he begrudgingly spares them. Cabba happily tells Vegeta that now he can give him a tour of Planet Sadal…repeatedly referring to Vegeta as “master” (in the sense of a martial arts master) despite Vegeta’s protests. Goku approaches Hit, telling him he doesn’t know when this next tournament will be, but if Hit can’t wait until then, he’d be happy to give him a rematch three days from now…or even tomorrow, if three days is too long. Hit says “see you later” and takes off. Meanwhile Mr. Satan offers Monaka be the mascot for his gym, but Monaka seems unsure.

Now the matter of the Super Dragon Balls is all that remains to be cleared up. At first Bulma is at a loss because she can’t seem to locate the signal for the seventh Super Dragon Ball on her radar…but looking closely it turns out there are already seven signals gathered together right there. Monaka suggests they need to look at a space map like this from a 3D perspective.

Whis thinks this is a great suggestion, and has everyone pile into his Cube vessel. They zoom away from the Nameless Planet, which Whis reveals to actually be the seventh and final Super Dragon Ball. Whis explains that when the Super Dragon Balls scattered after the last time they granted a wish, this Super Dragon Ball must have collided with a small planet and become covered in the debris, making it look like a planet itself. With all seven balls gathered, they must now summon the dragon using the language of gods. At first it doesn’t seem to work, but before too long a titanic golden dragon, seemingly as big as a galaxy or bigger, appears.

As the ship rocks wildly, Whis assures them they have nothing to worry about. Their ship is swallowed up by the dragon, and the next thing they know they are in a strange space. It turns out they are inside the body of “Super Shenlong” (as the characters now refer to the dragon), and Goku wonders if this means they’ll get pooped out. A smaller version of Super Shenlong appears before them, and Beerus explains that this is the dragon’s core or nucleus. Super Shenlong speaks to them in the language of the gods, asking that they name their wish. Beerus says something in the divine language to Whis, who repeats it to Super Shenlong. Saying that their wish is granted, Super Shenlong vanishes.

Bulma demands to know what Beerus wished for, and he claims it was merely for a comfier bed. Bulma says she could have easily given Beerus that, and calls him an idiot, and Beerus threatens to destroy them all. Elsewhere, Champa and Vados are returning to their own universe, when Vados uses her all-seeing staff to discover that Universe 6’s version of Earth has been restored. It’s inhabited once more, with the same level of civilization as Universe 7’s Earth. Now Champa can get all the tasty Earth food he wants! Champa realizes that this must have been what Beerus wished for…but is annoyed that now he owes Beerus a favor.

Back on Beerus’ planet, Goku still wants to spar with Monaka, and Beerus promises to let him sometime soon, but now it’s time to go home. Beerus secretly pays Monaka off with a huge pile of gold, saying he’ll keep using him to spur Goku on. For now though, Monaka can return to his ordinary job (apparently some sort of delivery man). Goku and the gang fly back to Earth, and Piccolo says this upcoming tournament between all the universes will be amazing. Jaco agrees, saying he’ll take another holiday to come see it.

So what’s your take on all this? Are you excited?

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