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Nicolas Cage is an intriguing person. I appreciate that he's passionate about his work, a fellow nerd, and not timid about being himself. He also doesn't seem concerned about people's opinions of him, and he basically says and does whatever he pleases. That type of confidence is admirable. However, I'd be lying if I didn't say what I love about him most is the fact he's this zany, hammy, and eccentric motherf*****. This wild personality has intentionally and unintentionally caused peculiar things to happen to him.

5. He Creeped Out Patricia Arquette

In an interview with The Telegraph, Arquette revealed that Nicolas Cage proposed to her after meeting her in a diner. Naturally, she was spooked; however, she played along and gave him a list of nearly impossible objectives (attaining a black orchid and author J.D. Salinger's autograph) to win her hand. After he completed the list, Cage apparently screwed this up by throwing a tantrum at an airport when they were on their way to get married. Nine years later, they reconnected and were married before eventually separating and divorcing.

4. Fudge Pop

Nicolas Cage was surely freaked out as all hell when an unexpected visitor came to his house in the middle of the night. According to the Reuters, Cage woke up and saw a man wearing nothing but a leather jacket standing over his bed and eating a fudge pop. Cage managed to make him leave peacefully, and when the police came he decided to not press charges. However, after what happened he couldn't stand the thought of staying there, and he and his family soon moved out.

3. Bailed Out By Dog the Bounty Hunter

The Wrap reported that Cage was arrested in New Orleans for domestic abuse and disturbing the peace. At the time, he was filming a movie and was said to have been intoxicated when it happened. His bail was $11,000 and TV personality Duane "Dog" Chapman bailed him out. Dog explained that he was a fan of Cage and he didn't help Cage to promote his program. The Dog kept his word, as the incident wasn't televised on his show.

2. Nick Got Trippy with His Cat

While doing press for The Sorcerer's Apprentice back in 2010, Cage regaled talk show host David Letterman about the time he took drugs with his cat Lewis. Cage kept a bag of mushrooms in his fridge and Lewis would periodically 'sneak in' and eat some. One night, Cage caught him in the act and he decided to join him ('cause why not?) He remembers him and Lewis lying across from and staring at each other for hours. Cage summarized his experience by saying: "And I had no doubt that he was my brother."

1. Fight with Mötley Crüe Lead Singer Vince Neil

It's not so much the fact they fought, but the details involved. According to the Daily Mail, Cage and Neil were in Las Vegas hanging out at the Ario Resort & Casino when it happened. A woman approached Cage and asked for an autograph. Apparently, this didn't sit well with Neil and he grasped her hair and pulled her down to the ground. Cage wasn't having any of this and he took Neil outside to argue about his behavior. They ended up shoving and pushing each other, and at one point Cage had Neil in an arm lock and said to him: "You're okay. I love you."

Despite the apparent craziness in Cage's life, he doesn't let seem to let it get to him. He goes on and puts whatever bizarre and or troubling incident behind in the past. This is sort of his mantra, as he's gone through/overcome divorces, fiscal problems, and personal issues. He still continues to be a decent actor and he invests himself 100% into his career. Although, being 52 years young there's surely more weird Cage-esque occurrences ahead of him. And (given they're not serious) we can't wait to hear about them. ;)


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