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Ladies and gentlemen, it's finally here — the movie that will kickstart Phase Three for the MCU! [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) is the film many are anticipating, or have already seen and are raring to go see again. I already saw the film at an early screening a couple of weeks ago and I'm planning to watch it again this weekend. If you find yourself in the camp that's skeptical about Captain America: Civil War, then I'm here to guide you with five reasons why you shouldn't miss out on this movie.

On a quick side note, this article will be completely spoiler free, so no worries, you can continue to read on, even if you have not watched it yet.

1. Captain America's Story Continuation

I mean, the film is called Captain America: Civil War, so of course the film had to focus on The First Avenger. This was something many were worried about going into the film, that this was going to be Avengers 2.5 instead of a Captain America movie. I am here to tell you that this movie is a Captain America story at its core and it really does follow in the steps of The Winter Soldier. All of the characters get their time to shine and I don't feel like they were shoehorned in for the sake of having the character. The Avengers in this movie were a great addition in the telling of Captain's story, as were the newer characters who were introduced. This will lead us into my second reason you have to go see this movie.

2. The Newcomers

If you're a fan of old-school Marvel comics and cartoons, then you know the idea of the MCU was just a dream back then. However, in today's world, that's a reality, with Infinity War coming out in less than four years. This also means that characters such as Spider-Man and Black Panther can share the big screen. I'm pretty sure you're wondering about how the new Spider-Man did, but first let's talk about Black Panther. I was really looking forward to seeing this legendary hero on the big screen when I first heard of his announcement. Chadwick Boseman plays the character so well that I am beyond hyped for his solo venture. I won't say much about him because that's spoiler territory, but I will say this: Watch out for the claws.

The other new character in the MCU is none other than the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Although the character isn't new to comic book movies, he is new to the MCU. The hero has always felt flat in his other films, either because the actors only nailed the Peter Parker role or Spider-Man; there was never a proper balance. That is, until now. The MCU Spider-Man is actually a perfect Spider-Man; being able to combine both Parker and Spider-Man was truly candy for the eyes. These two new characters truly pack a punch and will leave you wishing their solo films were closer on the horizon.

3. The Avengers

While this is a Captain America movie, the other Avengers do have their time in the sun. The film takes all of our Avengers — from Vision to War Machine — and gives them the attention they need. We have heroes who have been in the superhero game for years and others only a couple of months, and the film really explores their individual trajectories. In the end, what the film promised to do was give you a Captain America story with multiple perspectives from those around him, and it delivers.

4. The Iconic Moments

A film named after one of the most famous storylines in comic book history is bound to have a lot of callbacks to the source material. While Captain America: Civil War doesn't disappoint in that department, it also gives us a lot of new talking points. Although I won't discuss spoilers, I will say this: If you're thinking it, then you might be right. The film had many moments where I was like, "Wait, I remember that!" and it was awesome each time. There is one moment where everyone in the theater collectively lost it. These iconic moments will literally leave you with your jaw agape. However, all these classic moments will probably also give rise to my fifth and final reason why Civil War was such a tremendous movie.

5. The Feels

Yes indeed, when you have all the Avengers fighting each other with no resolution in sight, there are bound to be emotions. The movie pits our two leaders, Captain America and Iron Man, against each other over their divergent ideologies. You have Iron Man, who truly believes heroes should be put in check, and Captain America, who wants no part in this. The two split, and with that our other heroes have to decide whether they agree with Tony Stark or Steve Rogers. But it's not all debates and discussions. As we've seen from the trailers, our heroes also throw the punches. If this sounds heartbreaking, it's because it truly is, and seeing it unfold on the silver screen makes you feel for each and every one of them, no matter what team you're on. In the end, the emotion really delivers and hits you right in the gut, making you feel connected in some way to all the characters.

Is Captain America: Civil War the greatest comic book movie of all time? I cannot say, though I truly believe it to be one of the definitive comic book movies to ever be released. The story is solid, every character was given a fair amount of screen time, and it left the viewer with so many emotions. The film has already grossed $200 million overseas and I'm pretty sure it's well on its way to the billion-dollar mark. In conclusion, if you've been a fan of the MCU from the beginning, or simply just want the next big comic book movie, then this is the one you've been waiting for.

Captain America: Civil War opens In theaters May 6.


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