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Hello all ye devoted GoT geeks, it's once again time to talk about everyone's favorite medieval times fantasy drama! As you might know, in order for a Game of Thrones installment to be truly considered an awesome episode of the series, it must fulfill a certain list of demands.

These demands include action, suspense, death, surprises and, in the words of the great Ian McShane, "tits and dragons!" Luckily for "Home," the second episode of Season 6, it meets most of these demands. (Spoiler alert: There are surprisingly no "lady pecs" in this episode, but look hard enough and you might just see a male... part.)

So, what goes on in this action-packed episode? Will Jon Snow come back? Will Bran be able to differentiate reality from dream/flashback sequences? Will Ramsay EVER stop being a terrible human being?! Let's find out by taking a look at "Home."

Bran And The Three-Eyed Raven's Excellent Adventure

The episode starts off by reuniting us with someone we haven't seen in a long time — Bran! The last time we saw the young Stark was (would you believe it?) two whole years ago. Season 4 of GoT concluded with Bran learning a bit more about his destiny and coming face-to-face with the Three-Eye Raven.

Now Bran and TER (Three-Eyed Raven) are prepping themselves for an inevitable war by — tripping out and enjoying time-traveling flashbacks.

Warging AND time travel? Bran's a superhero!
Warging AND time travel? Bran's a superhero!

Time traveling is the most recent addition to Bran's list of superpowers, the other power's on the list, of course, being warging his mind into that of animals — and rapidly aging. Though I'm not sure that last one is a great power to have.

Anyway, Bran and TER's escapades showed us a ton of cool stuff. For one thing, we got to see Ned Stark — Bran's dad who you might remember as the guy we thought was going to last more than a season — alive and well again. Sorta.

Bran traveled back to a time when his father was younger than he is and got to witness Ned training with his brother Benjen — another Stark that didn't last as long as we had thought. Bran also got to see his deceased Aunt Lyanna at a young age.

Lyanna's appearance is especially awesome as it sparks the long-going internet theory that she ends up with a certain Targaryen and births a certain Commander of the Night's Watch.

Oh! Also, young Hodor is in this scene, and he actually says words that aren't "Hodor!" That isn't even the biggest surprise in this episode, but it's definitely worth noting.

The Wildlings Return

Take that, Alliser Thorne, you traitorous bilge rat! Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. Ahem.

We next venture to the Wall, where Ser Davos and the other good Night's Watch brothers are protecting Jon Snow's still-deceased body from Alliser Thorne and his band of traitors. All seems lost when Thorne runs out of patience and orders the door to be busted down.

Luckily, Edd, who we saw leave in a mysterious and quick manner last episode, returns with some huge (emphasis on huge) help. A giant breaks through Castle Black's door, with Edd and an army of Wildlings behind him! After Alliser and his men surrender, they are thrown into the dungeon, which is no doubt a mercy deal for what they did.

Lannisters Against The World

Our next stop in the Planetos is none other than King's Landing, where quite literally nothing is going Cersei's way. We saw last episode that she lost her daughter at the hands of the murder-happy Ellaria Sand, and now King Tommen is forbidding her from attending said daughter's funeral. I said it during my last recap, I don't like Cersei, but man is she getting absolutely pummeled by the universe right now.

Things haven't been going well for Tommen Lannist- er, Baratheon, who couldn't even save his wife and his mother from being thrown into jail by the High Sparrow and his radical followers.

As we saw in this scene, there isn't much that even Ser Jaime Lannister can do against the Sparrows, not when they have so much power. The High Sparrow himself said it perfectly when he mentioned that alone, the members of the Sparrows are weak, but together they have enough power to "overthrow an empire." Then again, Cersei does have a giant Fraken-knight who kills people just for bragging about showing their genitalia to the queen mother. So perhaps the Lannisters do have one final card to play. Only time will tell.

Tyrion The Dragon Tamer

This part of the episode makes the conspiracy theorists in me exceptionally giddy! While not much happened in Meereen last episode, something rather significant happened this time around. What's that, you ask? Well, Tyrion set Daenerys's dragons free!

That's right. After a talk with Varys, Missandei and Grey Worm about what to do now that their ships have sailed, Tyrion decides their best asset right now is the dragons. After heading down to where they're locked up, and after a long speech that basically boils down to: "I LOVE dragons! Some of my best friends are dragons!" Tyrion actually releases them from their chains!

So why is this moment so cool? Well, for one thing, Tyrion didn't end up dragon chow, despite the fact that he totally should have. But aside from that, Tyrion has wanted to befriend a dragon for so long, and he's only gone and earned the trust of two of them! Great job, man!

What Is Even Happening With Arya?

Not much happened with Arya this episode, but a little more did occur than last week. Arya is once again getting smacked around by the Waif, who quickly vanishes after "training" Arya some more.

Afterwards, Arya is met by Jaqen H'ghar, who offers her things like a home, food and the return of her eyesight if she'll just say her name. Arya, obviously seeing this is a trick (because who wouldn't?), continues to say, "A girl has no name," until Jaqen smiles and tells her to follow him. So will Arya get her sight back? It's unclear, but it at least seems like her begging days are finished, for better or for worse.

The New Lord Bolton

I mean, we all saw it coming, but I don't think any of us were prepared for how crazy things got at Castle Bolton. After a meeting with Ramsay and a member of the Karstark family, Roose is met with some good news: His wife has had a healthy baby boy to be the new heir to his throne!

Because this is Game of Thrones, everything that could go wrong immediately does. Ramsay fatally stabs his father Roose and orders the messenger to inform everyone that he was poisoned by his enemies.

Oh but don't worry, Ramsay's not done being a horrible person just yet! After killing his father in cold blood, he — and I can't believe I'm typing this — feeds his stepmother and her newborn child TO THE HOUNDS! Yeah, I guess since we all sympathized with him for literally half a second last episode during his scene where he remembers Myranda, the writers had to swiftly remind us how cruel Ramsay truly is. Thanks for the reminder, guys — now I'll be staying up at night.

What Is Dead May Never Die

Alright, next up we're heading to the Iron Islands to catch up with the family Greyjoy. After a brief argument between Yara and her father Balon Greyjoy about the state of their once great kingdom, Balon storms out, not wanting to hear what Yara has to say. Soon after he prepares to cross Dead Man's Bridge. That isn't the official name of the bridge, but they want to consider calling it that.

See, Balon comes face-to-face with his long-lost brother Euron Greyjoy, who was thought to be lost at sea. The reunion is cut short, however, when Euron tosses his brother off the bridge and into the violent waters below. And with that, Balon is gone, Yara has a chance to rule the Iron Islands, and Euron has quickly made his presence in Westeros known.

Jon Snow's Fate Revealed

Ladies and gentleman, we've reached the last part of this lengthy recap, and I know it's the part you've all been waiting for. First off, YES, Jon Snow is ALIVE! Everybody and their grandmother was certain that the Night's Watch commander would return to the realm of the living, and they were right.

But even thought Jon's resurrection was something we all sort of expected, when it finally happened, the TENSION. WAS. REAL! So how did it happen?

Ser Davos, who at this point would do anything to stop a war between the Wildlings and the Night's Watch, goes to the last person we'd ever thought he'd go to: Melisandre. Heading to her room, Davos asked the Red Woman if there is anything she can do to help Jon Snow. Of course, she mentions that there are some priests who have the ability to raise the dead, but she doesn't believe she can.

Melisandre herself has taken quite the emotional beating of late, with her belief in her powers and in the Lord of Light slowly fading. But after a pep talk from Davos, she agrees to give it a try. She performs a ceremony, cleaning Jon Snow's wounds and trimming his hair (gotta look good when you come back from the dead). She then recites some magic words, and... nothing. Nothing happens. Slowly but surely, everyone in the room starts to leave one at a time, until only Ghost and Jon's body remain.

Nothing. Silence. Tension building. Edges of seats being filled all across the world. Then finally, he wakes up!


This is not a drill, people, Jon Snow is alive! It was painful waiting for this moment to come, but it's here!

Well, that's it for this episode recap of Game of Thrones. All in all, it was an incredibly eventful episode and will definitely go down as one of the best of the season—maybe of the whole series!

Did Jon Snow's return surprise you? Tell us in the comments!

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